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 metal vinyl albums for sale
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PostPosted: 06.01.2015, 14:16    metal vinyl albums for sale Reply with quoteBack to top

Metal vinyl are in good conditions/mint state!

Just send me a message or mail me ( ) If you See something interested...

Here's My list:

Accept - hungry years

Agent Steel - unstoppable force 

Agent Steel - Mad Locust Rising
Anthrax - among the living 
Anvil Chorus - blondes are Black 7inch

Biohazard - state of the world adress orange vinyl limited edition 

Biohazard - that's how it is  red vinyl

Black Sabbath - the collection

Black Sabbath - Sabotage

Black Widow - streetfight 

Blessed Death - Destined for Extinction
Blessed Death - Kill or be Killed
Blitzkrieg - Ready for Action

Bon Jovi - slippery when wet

Carcass - reek of putrefaction pd
-Cannibal corpse - vile pd
Cannibal corpse - the bleeding pd
Cannibal corpse - tomb of the mutilation pd
Cannibal corpse - eaten back to life pd
Cannibal corpse - butchered at birth pd

celtic frost - Morbid tales pd

Celtic Frost - I won't Dance
Celtic Frost - Into the Pandemonium
Crimson Glory - Dream dancer ep
Crimson glory - lady of winter 7inch
Crimson glory - lonely 7inch

Crimson glory - Crimson glory pd

Crossfire - Live Attack

Dark Angel - Leave Scars
Dark Angel - Darknesss Descends

David lee roth - crazy from the heat 12 inch

David lee roth - eat 'em and Smile 

Dead head - dog God 10 inch 

Death Angel - Frolic through the Park

Def Leppard - pyromania 

Def Leppard - hysteria

Destruction - Eternal Devastation
Destruction - Infernal Overkill
Destruction - Release from Agony
Destruction - Sentence of Death
Destruction - Mad Butcher

Dismember - pieces 

Dismember - like an ever flowing stream

The doors - other voices gatefold

D.R.I. - 4 of a Kind

The Eagles - hotel california gatefold

Exumer - possessed by fire 

Exodus - fabulous desaster pd
Exodus - pleasure of the flesh pd

Exodus - Bonded by Blood
Exodus - Pleasures of the Flesh
Exodus - Fabulous Disaster
Fates warning - night on bröken 

Flotsam and Jetsam - No place for Disgrace
Flotsam and Jetsam - Doomsday for the Deceiver

Heamorrhage - anatomical inferno pd

Heart - Heart

Herman brood & nina Hagen - cha cha (the soundtrack)
Heir apparent - grateful inheritance 

Helloween - I want out pd 12 inch 

Holy Moses - Queen of Siam
Holy Moses - Finished with the Dogs
Holy Terror - Terror and Submission

Horizon - master of the game

Iron Angel - Winds of War
Iron Angel - Hellish Crossfire
Iron Maiden - Maiden Japan
Iron Maiden - Somewhere in Time

Iron maiden - piece of mind

Incubus - bevond the unknown 
Jag panzer - battle zones ep
Jag panzer - ample destruction usa 
Jag panzer - ample destruction  France

Joe satriani - surfing with the alien

Judas Priest - Unleashed in the East

Kataklysm - heaven's venom gatefold

Killing Joke - love like blood 12 inch

King Diamond - the eye

Kingdom come - Kingdom come (RTB Polydor)

Kingdom come - kingdom come (Polydor west-germany)

Kiss - creatures of the night 12 inch personally autographed b-side

Kiss - creatures of the night gatefold glow in the dark 

Kiss - you want the best, you got the best 2lp 

Kiss - mtv unplugged 2lp yellow vinyl incl poster

Kiss - alive III 2lp red vinyl gatefold 

Kiss - revenge marble gray vinyl

Kiss - destroys anaheim bootleg blue vinyl  

Kiss - ace frehley

Kiss - gene Simmons 

Kiss - Peter criss 

Kiss - Paul stanley 

Korn - adidas pd signed by members! 

Kraftwerk - autobaan

Krokus - hardware

Kreator - Behind the Mirror/Gangland
Kreator - Terrible Certainty

Leatherwolf - Leatherwolf 

Led Zeppelin - houses of the holy gatefold

Liege lord - freedom's rise

 Living Death - Back to the Weapons
Living Death - Vengeance of Hell
Living Death - Protected from Reality
Living Death - Worlds Neuroses

Lizzy Borden - live 2lp gatefold

MSG - perfect timing

Magnum - wings of heaven
Megadeth - endgame gatefold 

Megadeth - Peace Sells, but who's
Megadeth - So Far, So Good, So What
Mercyful fate - the beginning 
Mercyful fate - evil pd ltd to 1000 
Mercyful fate - live from the depths of hell bootleg 
Metal church - the dark

Metal Church - Metal Church
Metallica - Garage Days
Metallica - Kill 'em All
Metallica - Master of Puppets
Metallica - And Justice for All

Metallica - vinyl box sealed! 

Box contain  the first 4 albums (2lp version) and garage days Re-Revisited and creeping death pd!!! Is still sealed so new!

Metallica - creeping death ep
Metallica - Kill 'em all pd

Metallica - master of puppets pd
Metallica - creeping death pd
Metallica - sad but true pd
Metallica - Ride the lightning 2lp lim. edition

Metallica - Ride the lightning mispersing "for whom the bells toll"
Metallica - demollica 
Metallica - harvester of sorrow ep

Mordred - in this life

Motorhead - on parole

Motorhead - No Remorse
Motorhead - Ace of Spades

Mötley crüe - theatre of pain

Nuclear Assault - The Plague

Obituary - xecutioners return pd

Onslaught - power of hell 

Onslaught - let there be rock pd

Over Kill - Fuck You ep

Ozzy osbourne - ozzmosis  (first press!)

Ozzy osbourne - I just want you 12 inch limited edition etched! 

Ozzy Osbourne - the ultimate sin 

Pantera - heresy pd
Possessed - 7 churches white vinyl

Pretty maids - future world

Queensrijche - operation: mindcrime

Queensryche - Rage for Order

Ratt - out of the cellar 

Raven - the pack is back

Raven - Stay Hard
Razor - evil invaders
Razor - executioner's song

Reo speedwagon - good Trouble

Reo speedwagon - wheels are turning

The Rods - The Rods in the Raw
Sacrifice - torment in fire promo

Sadus - illussions 

Scorpions - still loving you 12inch 

Scorpions - love at first Sting

Scorpions - The Best of

Scorpions - Tokyo tapes  2lp gatefold 

Sepultura - choke promo pd

Sepultura - nation 

Sepultura - a-lex 

Sick of it all - blood, sweat and no tears pd

Slayer - South of Heaven
Slayer - Live Undead
Slayer - Reign in Blood

Slayer - live in Montroux 
Slayer - Hell Awaits
Slayer - Til death do us Part (bootleg! Rare!)
Slayer - christ illusion pd
Slayer - show no mercy white vinyl
Slayer - Reign in blood pd
Sodom - in the sign of evil 
Sodom - mortal way of life uncensored cover 2lp 
Sodom - agent orange 

S.O.D. - Speak English or Die

Soulfly - Savages 

Stryper - the yellow and black attack 

Suffocation - human waste pd 

Testament - Live at Eindhoven
Testament - The New Order
Testament - Practice what you Preach

Tokyo Blade - Night of the Blade

Trouble - in the beginning bootleg

Twisted Sister - Come out and Play

Van halen - women and children first 

Van halen - van halen

Van halen - van halen II

Vengeance - We have ways to make You
Venom - From Hell to the Unknown

Venom - bursting out 12inch 

Warlock - you hurt my soul pd incl gear wheel ep

Whitesnake - whitesnake 

Whitesnake - fool for your loving 12inch limited edition white vinyl

Whitesnake - slide it in

Whitesnake - live... in the Heart of the city gatefold 

Wrath - Fit of Anger

Y & T - live in London bootleg
Y & T - London '84 multicoloured vinyl bootleg

ZZ top - afterburner 

Various artists - metallic storm
Various artists - stars on thrash 

Various artists - giants of steel

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PostPosted: 21.06.2015, 18:38    (No subject) Reply with quoteBack to top

Ist die David lee roth - eat 'em and Smile noch zu haben?
The World is mine!

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PostPosted: 15.12.2015, 09:29    (No subject) Reply with quoteBack to top


mich würde "Kiss - mtv unplugged 2lp yellow vinyl incl poster" interessieren - ich es noch zu haben? hast du auch noch andere poster und evtl. auch was von manowar? ich sammle ja posters von unterschiedlichen bands und kiss gehört auch dazu, manchmal lasse ich auch fotos von meinen lieblingsbands hier im großformat drucken (das mach ich mit fotos, die ich besonders cool finde), aber an die edition kann ich mich nicht erinnern, sie würde mich also durchaus interessieren.
pm me please!


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