You want to recruit new warriors for the German Army of Immortals? You want to spread the word? We are grateful for any kind of support and provide you here with some banners that you can use in other forums, on miscellaneous link sites or even the own homepage. If you want to create a banner yourself, please contact a team member.

Personalised banner

personalisierter banner

Of course not every person in a forum is named Thulsadoom ;-). If you want such a banner for yourself, in order to advertise in other forums, send me an email to and tell me the wanted user name and the state (in this example it was "Homepageadministrator").

Static standard banner

statischer banner

If you think that animated banners are to swanky or you want to save loading time, then the static banner is perfect for you.

Animated standard banner

animierter banner

The personalized banner is not suitable for classical banner change (for example on link sites). If you think the static banner is too boring, this banner is a good solution for you.