Here you can find a well structured overview about all works that has been brought to public by the Kings of Metal over the years.

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Regular albums

Battle Hymns [1982]
Death Tone(4:51)
Metal Daze(4:20)
Fast Taker(3:56)
Shell Shock(4:07)
Dark Avenger(6:23)
William's Tale(1:54)
Battle Hymn(6:56)
Total length:36:04
Ø Length/Track:4:30
Longest track:Battle Hymn (6:56)
Shortest track:William's Tale (1:54)

Into Glory Ride [1983]
Secret of Steel(5:50)
Gloves of Metal(5:25)
Gates of Valhalla(7:12)
Revelation (Death's Angel)(6:31)
March for Revenge (by the Soldiers of Death)(8:31)
Total length:45:26
Ø Length/Track:6:29
Longest track:March for Revenge (by the Soldiers of Death) (8:31)
Shortest track:Warlord (4:15)

Hail To England [1984]
Blood Of My Enemies(4:15)
Each Dawn I Die(4:20)
Kill With Power(3:57)
Hail To England(4:24)
Army Of The Immortals(4:24)
Black Arrows(3:06)
Bridge Of Death(8:58)
Total length:33:24
Ø Length/Track:4:46
Longest track:Bridge of Death (8:58)
Shortest track:Black Arrows (3:06)

Sign Of The Hammer [1984]
All Men Play on 10(4:01)
Thor (The Powerhead)(5:23)
Sign of the Hammer(4:18)
Guyana (Cult of the Damned)(7:10)
Total length:40:29
Ø Length/Track:5:04
Longest track:Mountains (7:39)
Shortest track:Thunderpick (3:31)

Fighting The World [1987]
Fighting the World(3:46)
Blow Your Speakers(3:36)
Carry On(4:08)
Violence and Bloodshed(3:59)
Drums of Doom(1:18)
Holy War(4:40)
Master of Revenge(1:31)
Black Wind, Fire and Steel(5:17)
Total length:34:16
Ø Length/Track:3:48
Longest track:Defender (6:01)
Shortest track:Drums of Doom (1:18)

Kings Of Metal [1988]
Wheels of Fire(4:11)
Kings of Metal(3:43)
Heart of Steel(5:10)
Sting of the Bumblebee (Instrumental)(2:45)
Crown and the Ring (Lament of the Kings)(4:46)
Kingdom Come(3:55)
Pleasure Slave(5:37)
Hail and Kill(5:54)
Warrior Prayer(4:20)
Blood of the Kings(7:30)
Total length:47:51
Ø Length/Track:4:47
Longest track:Blood of the Kings (7:30)
Shortest track:Sting of the Bumblebee (2:45)

The Triumph Of Steel [1992]
Achilles, Agony, and Ecstasy in 8 Parts(28:38)
Metal Warriors(3:54)
Ride the Dragon(4:32)
Spirit Horse of the Cherokee(6:02)
Power of Thy Sword(7:50)
Demon's Whip(7:50)
Master of the Wind(5:26)
Total length:69:22
Ø Length/Track:8:40
Longest track:Achilles, Agony and Ecstasy in eight Parts (28:38)
Shortest track:Metal Warriors (3:54)

Louder Than Hell [1996]
Return of the Warlord(5:19)
Brothers of Metal, Pt. 1(3:54)
Gods Made Heavy Metal(6:03)
Number 1(5:11)
Today Is a Good Day to Die(9:42)
My Spirit Lives On(2:09)
Total length:50:02
Ø Length/Track:5:00
Longest track:Today is a good day to die (9:42)
Shortest track:My spitit lives on (2:09)

Warriors Of The World [2002]
Call to Arms(5:31)
Fight for Freedom(4:30)
Nessun Dorma(3:29)
Swords in the Wind(5:20)
American Trilogy(4:20)
Warriors of the World United(5:51)
Hand of Doom(5:49)
House of Death(4:25)
Fight Until We Die(4:03)
Total length:47:54
Ø Length/Track:4:21
Longest track:Warriors of the World United (5:51)
Shortest track:Valhalla (0:35)

Gods Of War [2007]
Overture To The Hymn Of The Immortal Warriors(6:19)
The Ascension(2:30)
King Of Kings(4:18)
Army Of The Dead, Part I(1:58)
Loki - God Of Fire(3:50)
Blood Brothers(4:54)
Overture To Odin(3:41)
The Blood Of Odin(3:57)
The Sons Of Odin(6:23)
Glory Majesty Unity(4:41)
Gods Of War(7:26)
Army Of The Dead, Part II(2:20)
Hymn Of The Immortal Warriors(5:29)
Die For Metal(5:17)
Total length:73:43
Ø Length/Track:4:36
Longest track:Gods Of War (7:26)
Shortest track:Army Of The Dead, Part I (1:58)

Battle Hymns [2011]
Death Tone (Re-Recorded 2010)(5:07)
Metal Daze (Re-Recorded 2010)(4:33)
Fast Taker (Re-Recorded 2010)(4:05)
Shell Shock (Re-Recorded 2010)(4:13)
Manowar (Re-Recorded 2010)(4:00)
Dark Avenger Feat. Sir Christopher Lee (Re-Recorded 2010)(6:24)
William's Tale (Re-Recorded 2010)(1:53)
Battle Hymn (Re-Recorded 2010)(9:29)
Death Tone (Live - Bonus Track)(3:56)
Fast Taker (Live - Bonus Track)(4:59)
Total length:48:39
Ø Length/Track:4:52
Longest Track:Battle Hymn (Re-Recorded 2010) (9:29)
Shortest Track:William's Tale (Re-Recorded 2010) (1:53)

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Live Alben

Hell On Wheels [1997]
CD 1
Kings of Metal(3:33)
Kill With Power(3:29)
Sign of the Hammer(4:51)
My Spirit Lives On(4:25)
Piano Interlude(1:29)
Spirit Horse of the Cherokee(5:07)
Blood of My Enemies(4:22)
Hail and Kill(8:17)
Warriors of the World(3:01)
CD 2
Wheels of Fire(4:34)
Metal Warriors(3:47)
Army of the Immortals(4:51)
Black Arrows(10:15)
Fighting the World(4:24)
Thor (The Powerhead)(5:07)
Gods Made Heavy Metal(5:32)
Black Wind, Fire and Steel(7:24)
Return of the Warlord(4:40)
Carry On(3:07)
Battle Hymn(12:40)
Total length:119:31
Ø Length/Track:5:12
Longest track:Battle Hymn (12:40)
Shortest track:Piano Interlude (1:29)

Hell On Stage [1999]
CD 1
Metal Daze(4:32)
Dark Avenger(6:36)
March for Revenge (By the Soldiers of Death)(9:03)
Gates of Valhalla(8:39)
Bridge of Death(9:15)
William's Tale(3:09)
Guyana (Cult of the Damned)(7:31)
CD 2
Warrior's Prayer(4:25)
Blood of the Kings(8:04)
Sting of the Bumblebee(5:59)
Heart of Steel(6:23)
Master of the Wind(5:37)
Crown and the Ring (Outro Version)(2:52)
Total length:97:40
Ø Length/Track:6:06
Longest track:Bridge of Death (9:15)
Shortest track:Crown and the Ring (Outro Version) (2:52)

Gods of War-Live[2007]
CD 1
Call to Arms(4:58)
Gloves of Metal(5:31)
Each dawn I die(4:13)
Holy War(5:08)
The Oath(4:16)
Secrets of Steel(6:06)
Son of William's tale(4:22)
The Gods made Heavy Metal(6:18)
Die for Metal(4:54)
Kings of Metal(3:32)
Warriors of the World United(6:43)
Black Wind, Fire and Steel(7:50)
CD 2
The Blood of Odin(3:57)
The Sons of Odin(6:21)
Glory, Majesty, Unity(3:29)
Gods of War(7:20)
Army of the Dead, Part II(2:26)
Hymn of the Immortal Warriors(5:33)
The Crown and the Ring(2:45)
Total length:114:34
Ø Length/Track:5:13
Longest track:Mountains (8:04)
Shortest track:Army of the Dead, Part II (2:26)

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Defender [1983]
Gloves Of Metal(5:25)
Total length:11:26
Ø Length/Track:5:43

All Men Play On Ten [1984]
All Men Play On Ten(4:01)
Total length:11:40
Ø Length/Track:5:50

Blow Your Speakers [1987]
Blow Your Speakers(3:36)
Violence And Bloodshed(3:59)
Total length:7:35
Ø Length/Track:3:47

Herz Aus Stahl [1988]
Herz aus Stahl(5:10)
King Of Metal(3:43)
Pleasure Slave(5:37)
Total length:14:30
Ø Length/Track:4:50

Metal Warriors [1992]
Metal Warriors(3:59)
Herz Aus Stahl(5:10)
Fighting The World (Live)(3:42)
Metal Warriors (Live)(5:43)
Total length:18:34
Ø Length/Track:4:39

Defender [1993]
Total length:14:05
Ø Length/Track:7:02

Return Of The Warlord [1996]
Return Of The Warlord(5:19)
Warlord (Live)(4:26)
Total length:9:45
Ø Length/Track:4:53

Number 1 [1996]
Number 1(5:11)
Blood Of My Enemies (Live)(4:09)
Kill With Power (Live)(4:18)
Total length:13:38
Ø Length/Track:4:33

Courage [1997]
Today Is A Good Day To Die(9:42)
Total length:13:30
Ø Length/Track:6:45

Courage (Live) [1997]
Courage (Live)(4:17)
Courage (24 Bit Remastered LP Version)(4:06)
Metal Warriors (Live)(3:58)
Total length:12:21
Ø Length/Track:4:07

Warriors Of The World United [2002]
Warriors Of The World United(5:54)
March For Revenge (By The Soldiers Of Death)(9:13)
Carry On(4:29)
Total length:19:36
Ø Length/Track:6:32

Warriors Of The World United - Part II [2002]
Warriors Of The World United(5:54)
Kill With Power(4:36)
Nessun Dorma(3:50)
Total length:14:20
Ø Length/Track:4:46

An American Trilogy [2002]
An American Trilogy(4:19)
The Fight For Freedom(4:31)
Nessun Dorma (Orchestral Version)(3:30)
Total length:12:20
Ø Length/Track:4:07

The Dawn Of Battle [2002]
Dawn of Battle(6:48)
I Believe(4:05)
Call to Arms(5:31)
Total length:16:24
Ø Length/Track:5:28

The Sons Of Odin [2006]
The Acension (Live am ESF 2005)(2:49)
King of Kings (Live am ESF 2005)(4:21)
Odin (Orchester Version)(3:43)
Gods Of War(7:49)
The Sons Of Odin(6:23)
Total length:25:05
Ø Length/Track:5:01

Die With Honor [2008]
Die With Honor(4:20)
Total length:4:20
Ø Length/Track:4:20

Thunder In The Sky [2009]
CD 1
Thunder In The Sky(4:24)
Let The Gods Decide(3:37)
Die With Honor(4:19)
The Crown And The Ring (Metal Version)(4:57)
God Or Man(4:52)
CD 2
Tatko (Father - Bulgarian Version)(4:13)
Otac (Father - Croatian Version)(4:13)
Isä (Father - Finnish Version)(4:13)
Mon Père (Father - French Version)(4:13)
Vater (Father - German Version)(4:13)
Patera (Father - Greek Version)(4:13)
Apa (Father - Hungarian Version)(4:13)
Padre (Father - Italian Version)(4:13)
Oto san (Father - Japanese Version)(4:13)
Far (Father - Norwegian Version)(4:13)
Ojciec (Father - Polish Version)(4:13)
Pai (Father - Portuguese Version)(4:13)
Tata (Father - Romanian Version)(4:13)
Padre (Father - Spanish Version)(4:13)
Baba (Father - Turkish Version)(4:13)
Total length:89:16
Ø Length/Track:4:15

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The Hell Of Steel [1994]
Fighting the World(3:50)
Kings of Metal(3:43)
Demon's Whip(7:45)
Warrior's Prayer(4:20)
Crown and the Ring(4:46)
Blow Your Speakers(3:39)
Metal Warriors(3:55)
Black Wind, Fire and Steel(5:15)
Hail and Kill(5:57)
Power of Thy Sword(7:50)
Herz Aus Stahl(5:11)
Kingdom Come(3:56)
Master of the Wind(5:26)
Total length:71:35
Ø Length/Track:5:07
Longest track:Power of Thy Sword (7:50)
Shortest track:Blow Your Speakers (3:39)

Anthology [1997]
Metal Daze(4:21)
Fast Taker(4:00)
Battle Hymns(6:59)
All Men Play on 10(3:59)
Sign of the Hammer(4:17)
Fighting the World(3:51)
Blow Your Speakers(3:37)
Heart of Steel(5:10)
Blood of the Kings(7:30)
Violence and Bloodshed(3:59)
Wheels of Fire(4:10)
Metal Warriors(3:56)
Demon's Whip(7:47)
Total length:67:15
Ø Length/Track:4:48
Longest track:Demon's Whip (7:47)
Shortest track:Blow Your Speakers (3:37)

The Kingdom Of Steel [1998]
Blood of My Enemies(4:14)
Kill With Power(3:56)
Sign of the Hammer(4:18)
Fighting the World(3:51)
Kings of Metal(3:44)
Metal Warriors(3:54)
Heart of Steel(5:10)
Number 1(5:11)
Gods Made Heavy Metal(6:03)
Hail and Kill(5:57)
Battle Hymn(6:56)
Crown and the Ring (Lament of the Kings)(4:47)
Total length:73:51
Ø Length/Track:4:37
Longest track:Battle Hymn (6:56)
Shortest track:Manowar (3:38)

Steel Warriors [1998]
Secret of Steel(5:51)
Black Arrows(3:07)
Each Dawn I Die(4:19)
Gloves of Metal(5:25)
Bridge of Death(8:59)
Hail to England(4:24)
Kill With Power(3:54)
March for Revenge (By the Soldiers of Death)(8:29)
Gates of Valhalla(7:12)
Army of the Immortals(4:24)
Total length:67:57
Ø Length/Track:5:40
Longest track:Bridge of Death (8:59)
Shortest track:Black Arrows (3:07)

Classics [2009]
Metal Daze(4:21)
Death Tone(4:51)
The Oath(4:53)
All Men Play On Ten(4:01)
Sign Of The Hammer(4:19)
Fast Taker(3:59)
Battle Hymn(6:58)
Dark Avenger(With Narration By Orson Wells)(6:23)
Thor(The Powerhead)(5:24)
Guyana(Cult Of The Damned)(7:10)
William`s Tale(1:54)
Total length:69:03
Ø Length/Track:4:56
Longest track:Mountains (7:38)
Shortest track:William`s Tale (1:54)

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Various statistics

The longest songs
1. Achilles Agony and Ecstasy in eight Parts 28:38 Triumph of Steel
2. Today is a good day to die 9:42 Louder than Hell
3. Battle Hymn (Re-Recorded 2010) 9:29 Battle Hymns 2011
4. Bridge of Death 8:58 Hail to England
5. March for Revenge 8:31 Into Glory Ride
6. The Power of thy Sword 7:50 Triumph of Steel
6. Demon's Whip 7:50 Triumph of Steel
7. Hatred 7:42 Into Glory Ride
8. Mountains 7:39 Sign of the Hammer
9. Blood of the Kings 7:30 Kings of Metal
10. Gods Of War 7:26Gods Of War

The shortest songs
1. Valhalla 0:35 Warriors of the World
2. Drums of Doom 1:18 Fighting the World
3. Master of Revenge 1:31 Fighting the World
4. William's Tale (Re-Recorded 2010) 1:53 Battle Hymns 2011
5. William's Tale 1:54 Battle Hymns
6. Army Of The Dead, Part I 1:58 Gods Of War
7. My Spirit Lives On 2:09 Louder than Hell
8. Army Of The Dead, Part II 2:20 Gods Of War
9. The Ascension 2:30 Gods Of War
10. Sting of the Bumblebee 2:45 Kings of Metal

List ranking albums
1. Gods Of War 73:43
2. The Triumph Of Steel 69:22
3. The Lord of Steel 55:11
4. Louder Than Hell 50:02
5. Battle Hymns 2011 48:39
6. Warriors Of The World 47:54
7. Kings Of Metal 47:51
8. The Lord of Steel - Hammer Edition 47:40
9. Into Glory Ride 45:26
10. Sign Of The Hammer 40:29
11. Battle Hymns 36:04
12. Fighting The World 34:16
13. Hail to England 33:24

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