Frequently Asked Questions

  • New Studio Album and Touring Possibilities

  • Is Manowar working on a new studio album?

    As soon as we notice anything about a new album you can find it here in the news section of the page and/or in the appendant forum.

    When will Manowar tour again?

    The same here: If we hear anything about it you will find it in the news section respectively in the sub menu Tour in the Manowar menu and/or in the forum.

    Where can I find out reports from earlier tours?

    Reports to various shows and concerts of the Kings Of Metal can be found on this site at Concerts in the reviews menu and/or in the forum. We are zealous to provide you with actual respectively with elder reviews as well. If you want to immortalise yourself there choose the link Create Review on the review page or contact a member of the team.

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  • General Information about Manowar

  • What does "MANOWAR" mean?

    "Each day, you wake up and get out of bed knowing that there is shit waiting for you. Each day is a struggle, a battle and you must prepare for these battles, these wars. You have to be prepared. That is where the spirit of MANOWAR comes in. It is for everybody, both men and women, who have the fighting spirit. You either fight to win or your throw up your hands and admit that you are fucked"
    - Joey DeMaio

    Who is a part of MANOWAR's current line-up?

    Eric Adams - vocals
    Joey DeMaio - bass guitar
    Karl Logan - guitars
    Scott Columbus - drums und percussion

    What equipment does the members of MANOWAR use?

    Most of MANOWAR's equipment is custom so the band can play HARDER AND LOUDER than anyone else. The equipment is maintained by John "Dawk" Stillwell. Click here to visit his home page and view the services he has available. (www.dawksound.com)

    Where can I find MANOWAR pictures and interviews on the Web?

    We have a wide choice here on the page on Pictures in the Multi-Media menu. Apart from that just search via Google. The interviews can be found on Interviews / Press in the Manowar menu. We are deeply gratefull for any new interview and picture.

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  • About MANOWAR albums, singles, videos, t-shirts and posters

  • Where can I find information about MANOWAR's albums, singles, and videos?

    You can find anything you should know about the releases of the Kings here on Discography respectively on Videography. You also can find a large variety at our fellows on Manowar Gallery or on www.manowar.com.

    How can I purchase official MANOWAR merchandise?

    Everything you want to know about possibilites to purchase merchandise respectively what you should take care you can find here on Merchandise in the Manowar menu. There can also be hints every now and then in the forum.

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  • About MANOWAR's History

  • Where can I read about the history of MANOWAR?

    You can read about the history of Manowar here on the page at Biography or on manowar.com.

    What are former members Ross The Boss, Donnie Hamzik, Rhino and David Shankle doing at the moment?

    Rhino is at the moment drummer of HolyHell. He was also used as replacment for Scott some times. Magic Circle Music already released "Ashes to Ashes" by "The David Shankle Group". Ross The Boss has formed with the former Manowar Coverband Men Of War the "Ross The Boss Band" and they already have brought out their debut album. Original drummer Donnie Hamzik is working as a soundman with a good reputation and works on movies like "Bad Boys".

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  • What is Magic Circle Music?
  • Magic Circle Music was created with the single purpose of providing musicians with a forum for their artistic visions; to liberate musicians from compromise and corporate bullshit. Formed by MANOWAR, who throughout its legendary career has fought numerous battles to realize its musical goals, MAGIC CIRCLE MUSIC is a sanctuary for true artistic expression. "We formed MAGIC CIRCLE MUSIC to give artists a chance to be heard," says MANOWAR bassist Joey DeMaio. "Most record companies interfere with the artistic process and, eventually, with their artists, ultimately tampering with the music itself. MAGIC CIRCLE MUSIC provides an outlet for artists driven by passion, desire, originality, and unabashed talent; artists who create music from the heart and from the soul. Their music is intended solely for the ultimate judge: the listening public." MAGIC CIRCLE MUSIC is not another 'factory' that manufactures a steady stream of faceless and ultimately meaningless bands. Although it listens to every demo it receives, the label is interested only in working with impassioned artists driven to destroy musical conventions. Current Magic Circle Music roster acts include Chicago post-mortem metallers Bludgeon, The David Shankle Group, Feinstein, Rhapsody, and Rhino. For more information about their releases visit www.magiccirclemusic.com.

  • Technic stuff and its pitfalls

  • Images on the page and/or in the Forum are not displayed

    Please first try to flush your browser cache. If this does not help please contact one of the Admins (can be found on Team).

    I get DeBug or error messages. What shall I do?

    In that case please contact immediately via Personal Message or email one of the admins of the page or the forum (can be found on Team).

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