To the history of Thulsadoom should be announced that he was like Dark Avenger in the team of manowar.ch then, which was, under the guidance of Webthor (Marc), the absolutely German-speaking Manowar-fansite. After Marc took the site out of the net (the reasons were detailed discuss in the forum: Manowar.ch und Webthor's Entscheidung), there were some short visits at the “following projects”, like metal-europe or my-metal.net, which had nothing to do with Manowar anymore apart from some old manowar.ch-users.

As luck would have it, Dark Avenger found Thulsadoom there, and he remembered that he joined also the team in those days. Because at this moment he was an active user at Manowar-Germany and diligent promoting, he decided to tell Thulsadoom about this forum.

At first Thulsadoom was not that enthusiastic. The last two of such projects were designated as setbacks, as it was said. But to get peace, he registered for this moment. When in talk was noticed that Thulsadoom is able to programme websites, Dark Avenger told him to work at the site. But Thulsadoom refused with thanks (yes, yes, how things can change).

Dark Avenger kept on trying. Because he couldn’t find any post of Thulsadoom after some days, he went on nerving, till Thulsadoom decided to get a deeper look at the whole thing, and so the story started rolling.

He liked the forum more from day to day. The people were nice and helpful, and you could talk about every thinkable topic. Well, it’s more than a pity if a forum is focused of one topic. In course of time there were little friendships made (at first just in the internet).

Then the Earthshaker came. Just before this event, Dark Avenger organized the first CT (“Community Treffen” = community meeting), which took place in Dresden.

At this meeting Thulsadoom didn’t came across.

But after the Earthshaker and the first CT it really goes for Thulsadoom in the forum. This was THAT Manowar forum he was looking for after the end of manowar.ch. So, it was not a long time when he offered his help of his own accord for erecting a fansite in the beginning of august 2005.

This, like all the other following tasks, took place internal only, to surprise the users with the finished project. But to there it was still a long way.

After some short brainstormings it was fast noticed, that a designer was needed. So the search for one started at about the end of august.

The first drafts came from Thulsadoom’s brother, who also realized the new forum’s design later. Other ideas came from Lithium, who is an old schoolmate of Thulsadoom. The whole team was so keen on these first outlines that Thulsadoom’s brother, as well as a third designer who wanted to start, was called off and Lithium get the “job” as the designer.

In the course of the following months it was worked on at the site with the help of the whole team till the site take first shapes. Parallel to that the planning of a second CT in Hanau was started (from the 14. – 16. April).

At the End of February the first setback arrived. For the biography on the site a post out of the forum was taken. But at the end of February 2006 the use of this bio was forbidden under penalty of suit. Because of this incident and another little frictions go on working at the site and the CT in Hanau were not seen in white light. Thulsadoom, for who this was the first meeting with the troop, thought carefully about doing this long travel (from Austria to Germany) just to quarrel perhaps.

But it went another way than feared. The mood was perfect and this weekend is unforgotten to this day. And the team was brought closer together as well. Where misunderstandings and wrong interpretations were at first, all of this were gone after the CT as if by magic. The cooperation functioned great and so the work at the site went on with new verve.

In the beginning the work at the site were held on a test-server. Later Thulsadoom bought some own webspace with the still free domain www.manowar.at (because he comes from Austria).

On first May the day has finally come. The German part of the site were finished and shown to the public. The opinions in the forum were all positive.

For raising the position at Google and so the name recognition in the internet, Thulsadoom bought the domain manowar.de in February 2006 for the forum, and in June 2006 he bought the domain manowar.ch for the mainsite. The old owner, Marc, was very cooperative. Files of the old homepage were made available by him and he sent a newsletter to the entire old manowar.ch user to announce that this site will be the official successor.

In June 2006 there was again the next community meeting in Braunschweig, where we could welcome some new faces.

At about the end of September 2006 the page was already available in English.

About the end of 2008 the old forum on Manowar-Germany.com was closed due personal reasons of the administrator. Shortly after that a new forum was developed under www.manowar.t

Meanwhile the alliance "Manowar Germany" is well known, and has not to be scared of comparisons with the manowar.ch site of the past.

At this point I want to thank all the users who remain loyal to us and a hearty welcome to all the new warriors. Hail and Kill!