Link collection

Here you can find a detailed link archive with description and rating. If you think your or anyones site is missing please write me an email to or send me a personal message in the forum.

Link Rating     
The portal of the label that was founded by Joey DeMaio

Warriors of Venezuela United    
Warriors of Venezuela United    
The (meanwhile inofficial) swedish Manowar-fanpage    
The official Manowar page that is well equipped   
The official MySpace Page of Manowar   
The internet portal of Ross The Boss  
The lusitanian warrirors (portuguese fansite)
List of rare Manowar articles. There are also items of other bands on the page.  
Hell On Net is a german fansite  
Turkish Defenders Of Steel - not up-to-date, and also beside of that barely content given  
A Manowar blog of the former owner of the official hungarian fansite
Canadian Fanpage - not worth mentioned further

Non-Manowar Links

THOR - The Metal Avengers
Homepage of Zon Thor and his Metal Avengers
Homepage to get some newcomers and not so good known bands
The secret of steel...
The most wanted underground forum of Germany
Epic Metal band from Germany
German fanpage of the newest mcm top seller
Festival with traditional bands originated by Tarek Maghary
Webzine of Steen, a brother from Denmark