Here you will be informed where you have the opportunity to find Manowar articles of any kind (CDs, DVDs, patches, shirt, e.g.) on the web. If you know a webshop or something familiar that is not in the list please contact a member of our team.


In the course of the time Ebay has become the most popular vendue portal and you can find some real rarities. So it can happen any time that you have the chance to bid for an rare Manowar LP or patch. Mostly such auctions will be no bargain buy, but a little luck is needed.

Many people mistakenly believe that they have to visit all the different portals from Ebay in order to get a wide-ranging result. But this is completely needles, because this is already done by the Ebay search engine. Just go to "Advanced Search" and choose "All Countries/Regions" at the Point "Items available to". Then you will get all results for the following search.

It can happen now that the found article can not be delivered in the own country (as per item description). Especially many german sellers choose very often "Delivery only inside Germany". Mostly it will do, if you ask the seller if it is possible to deliver to your country and they make an exception and send also to Austria, Switzerland, etc.

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On Amazon the assortment of Manowar product is indeed limited on standard releases (CDs and DVDs), but these articles are sold for a fair price and normaly delivered very fast. Already with an total amount of 20 Euros there are no extra delivery costs. Another alternative is the Amazon marketplace, where several Amazon customers offer their products. On this products you have to pay every time the delivery costs, so this option is only usefull if the product is not available via Amazon any more.

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In the Weapons shop on you'll find a lot more articles than on Amazon. You will find here also shirts, posters, some LPs or you can purchase mp3s. But on the other hand the costs of such a purchase are because of the high delivery costs not quite minor. The payment can furthermore only be done via credit card. So you should only use this if you can't find the articles anywhere else.

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various webshops

  • Nuclear Blast - As the former record company of Manowar there is a big assortment of Manowar articles offered. The range of products is somewhere between Amazon and

  • EMP - The assortment of the german portal is familiar to Amazon.

  • Rockfanshop - Here you can find some signed articles

  • Heavy Metal Thunder Managment - You will find some LPs in the assortment

  • TWS Source Of Deluge - Here you will find LPs and even MCs

  • GEMM - Same principle as the Amazon marketplace - users selling to users.

  • Music Stack - Good assortment, a lot what the heart of a manowarrior desires.

  • Northfire - You even can find here some shirts, longsleeves etc.

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