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Datum: 1 Februar 2004

Walter Maes: Mostly after making a few albums, the most bands look back on a certain period of their career by making a live - album/dvd, but Manowar releases almost the same amount of live - material as new releases, can you explain this ?

Joey DeMaio: Manowar is an exceptional band, you cannot compare us with other bands. The most acts care only about the money and not about their fans. Every concert we give is unique, every audience is different, we want to share the shows we have done with all fans worldwide. Because of the DVD’s we are releasing, people in China can see how wild the Belgium audience went during a Manowar show and they will be surprised about how much beer you can drink.We find it important that fans from all over the world are able to enjoy a concert which took place in another country.

Walter Maes: Tactical a smart move to release DVD's on a regular basis, as the DVD becomes very popular and the cd - market has a lot of problems to stay on it's feet.

Joey DeMaio: Maybe this counts for other bands, but not for Manowar. We always sell a lot of cd's and don't notice anything of a crises in the record - industry.

Walter Maes: On ‘Hell On Earth III’ we can find a concert that you gave in Cologne, I assume the fans will like to watch something like this more than a concert in Belgium. Our country will not attract a big audience.

Joey DeMaio: You shouldn't look to it like this. Of course, American people know Germany more than Belgium, but a lot of them are in fact incredibly stupid. Most Americans have no clue about Europe, they don't understand your mentality. My family is from Europe, I have a good view on the situation in Europe, I know most cultures and I know which languages they speak in every country. Most Americans are really stupid. That's because of the bad education in our country. They are only interested in what happens in their village. This irritates me.

Walter Maes: When you are on tour, what do you miss most ?

Joey DeMaio: Nothing, because I cannot be happier than when we are on stage : the shows, the fans, traveling : that is my life. We were born to tour! The last years, I have spend a lot of time in Belgium : we did a lot of shows there and made a lot of friends. ‘Warriors Of The World’ was mixed in Belgium in the Galaxy Studio (Mol). This is the best studio in the world, otherwise we wouldn't go there.

Walter Maes: What cannot be missed in your dressing rooms?

Joey DeMaio: Naked girls and Belgium beer, if we play in Belgium of course. I like to drink the dark beer that the monks liked to drink.

Walter Maes: Trappist?

Joey DeMaio: Yes, that's it, that beer kicks your ass immediately. Those 2 things are very important for me.

Walter Maes: At the end of every show you ride with the Harley's on stage, you drag those with you on the whole tour. Did you had any problems with them when crossing borders ?

Joey DeMaio: So far we didn't, we make sure all the paper - work is ok, we will never take any risks. When the police checks everything out we never have problems as most police - men are bikers themselves too, they appreciate our life - style. Manowar never had problems with the police.

Walter Maes: How much time do you spend on playing your bass?

Joey DeMaio: When we play live, of course a lot, and also when we are writing songs for a new album. When I'm home it depends on who I wake up next to in the morning ( laughs ) There is no regularity. It's not like I play every day on my bass.

Walter Maes: Do you try to play songs from other bands?

Joey DeMaio: (Resolute) No!

Walter Maes: Well, I assume you listen to other bands. When you hear the new album from Iron Maiden or Metallica, you never try a bass - riff from one of their songs ?

Joey DeMaio: Why would I do that? I don't play country - music on my instrument. I deal with metal. I don't care about those other bands.

Walter Maes: Are you satisfied with the way you play your bass or are you jealous when you see other bass - players play ?

Joey DeMaio: Of course I'm satisfied about my technique, why would I be jealous when I hear another bass - player ? I don't look up to anybody, that's a waste of time.

Walter Maes: Suppose you can do a show for one evening with other musicians, who would join your band ? Let us know your ideas on this.

Joey DeMaio: Why would I do that? I choose the people from Manowar of course. Manowar is a band of brothers. We are eachothers biggest fans.

Walter Maes: You would never do a project next to Manowar ...

Joey DeMaio: Look, I'm now also a producer, so next to Manowar I'm busy with that too. I just did the production of Christopher Lee, the star from Lord Of The Rings for the new Rhapsody album. And at this moment I work on a project with a female singer for our label Magic Circle Music. The project is called ‘Holy Hell’ and it's very intense music with a lot of power.

Walter Maes: Can I ask you a personal question?

Joey DeMaio: Of course, my life is an open book.

Walter Maes: Are you a family - man ? And if yes: can they ask you to play a song on a family - party?

Joey DeMaio: (Laughs ) I don't think my family wants to hear me play, so they will not ask me that. And, I'm not a family - man, I live like a king from the Middle Ages. That's the life of a man, where you can have more woman at the same time.

Walter Maes: What is scheduled for this year ?

Joey DeMaio: I don't know, I don't know if we will tour or not. If we know it, you will know it too. You can find everything on our website.

Walter Maes: The most important thing in your life next to Manowar is ...

Joey DeMaio: Eh, nothing. Manowar, family and friends, there is not more. That’s it!

Walter Maes: Same for us.