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Titel: Brendon Williams and Max Thrasher, House Of Noizz, 2004
Datum: 19 Februar 2004

Brendon: So the first question I've got for you Eric Adams: What's it like being the Kings Of Metal?

Eric Adams: It's fuckin' the best it could be; you tell me, man! I mean here's a band that goes out, rides Harleys, has a good fuckin' time, gets up when you wanna get up, go to bed when you wanna go to bed, fuck every chick you can fuck and have a good time doin' it...and then get a paycheck at the end of the day.

(Laughter all)

Brendon: Brilliant! (applause)

Eric Adams: I mean, really! Who wouldn't want to do that for a livin? Y'know?
You're out there meeting beautiful chicks; different cities, different countries...I mean you're really gettin' a whole gamma of pussy, man.

(Laughter all)

Brendon: OK, so Hell On Earth 1 came out, and then part 2 came out with a full length concert included. Now 3 is's got a concert on it as well, and then you also get the entire video collection and the making of all the videos. With 4 in the pipeline, how can you top 3?

Eric Adams: Well, I've seen part of 4 already. They're being edited now and it's still bein' filmed as a matter of fact. And so, believe me when I say it's cool, it's funnier than hell and it shows a whole different side of Manowar. And that's the new thing about Hell On Earth 4. Part 3 is...the cool thing about part 3 is not only do you see the shows all over the world, but the Ringfest is really cool in Germany and like you said, the documentaries of the making of all the videos and...and the fact that it's in 9 languages is pretty cool.

Brendon: Yeah, man. What surprised me was that you've put Secrets Of Steel, the video on there...and I've got the video from the box set there, and I've always thought to myself "man, one of these days this video is gonna wear out, and I'm gonna be the saddest man alive!" (laughter Eric) and it's so great to finally have it on a DVD and know that it's probably gonna last forever, y'know?

Eric Adams: Right, right!

Brendon: So it's a great gem that 15 minute documentary. It's actually the first thing I actually saw of Manowar. First time I actually saw a photo of you guys...something of a photo quality of seeing Manowar and seeing the name underneath the photos so I actually for the first time saw who was who. Of course that was when David Shankle and Rhino were in the band...

Eric Adams: Right, yeah. Well, they're off on their own now.

Brendon: Yeah, speaking of the former members, I met Ross The Boss in 2002...

Eric Adams: Oh, you did?

Brendon: He played in New Zealand with his band, The Dictators.

Eric Adams: Ah, great!

Brendon: They came to New Zealand in Auckland and played a show

Eric Adams: Yeah

Brendon: He told me that he'd consider a reunion with Manowar but would this ever be on the cards considering that you're so happy with Karl Logan being one of the great heavy metal guitarists out of the best in the business...

Eric Adams: Yeah, Karl I think is the best guitarist we've ever worked with; I mean Karl really kicks fuckin' ass. You can see that in the DVD; he just goes fuckin' nuts. He's really a good guitar player; just a great guy to be around...and Ross is a different type of guitar player but y'know I'd entertain an idea of all the Manowar members getting together at some point and coming out on stage and playing. Wouldn't that be cool?

Brendon: I think the fans would think that would be the most killer Manowar show ever

Eric Adams: Yeah, 'cos you get these fuckin' stupid rumours about people saying they're upset, they're pissed off at each other, y'know...this guy got fired...Hey, bullshit! Y'know we're a band of brothers and we're in constant contact with past members; even Donnie Hamzik from the first album. So, it would put all the bullshit to end if all the members all came up on the stage and sat in for a song or two. That would be really fun.

Max: So you are still keeping in touch with the former members...

Eric Adams: Oh, yeah we always keep in touch with everybody. We know what's goin' on...y'know. I haven't seen Ross in a while

Brendon: He's busy touring with The Dicatators I think. He's trying to promote the band and it was really great that he still carries on the same tradition of being one with the fans. He was out at the gig before The Dictators went on and I just walked in from the crowd with a Manowar sweater on because I'm such a huge fan of the band and I stood out like a sore thumb; I was the only person there with a Manowar top on and he walked up to me and said "Wow cool...Manowar!" and I said "Wow cool...Ross The Boss!"

(Laughter all)

Eric Adams: Well, brother now we gotta definitely come out to New Zealand so I can meet you guys!

Brendon: That'd be awesome! Speaking about bands that have been out to New
Zealand, Metallica headlined what's called the Big Day Out this year, which is Australasia's largest music festival; and if anything it'd probably be the best gig for Manowar to play in New Zealand because it's a big festival which is what you guys play overseas

Max: It's a huge audience; it's really good exposure

Brendon: What do you think the chances are that Manowar could get onto a Big Day Out bill?

Eric Adams: Well, I think it's just a question of finding a promoter. During these festival dates that you see on the DVD, a lot of that was back and forth with

Brendon: There is a lot of festival shows on the DVD that people can see when they buy Hell On Earth Part's bloody awesome!

Eric Adams: I think it would be really cool to do a festival date, I mean...I don't know if Metallica belongs on a metal festival date any longer, but...

(Laughter all)

Brendon: They played a good show but I think's told them that St. Anger ...

Max: Wasn't a good album!

(Laughter all)

Eric Adams: Believe me, a lot of people have told 'em, allright?

Brendon: A lot of people have told them? Oh, God! OK, talking about the different styles; how do you feel about the nu-metal style of music that's riding high at the moment; the fashionable music out there?

Eric Adams: Well I'll tell ya, I love some of it and some of it I could do without, but this new DVD that we're playing now you hear all the different guitar styles that Karl can play up there and he just burns on stage. So, I mean it takes metal and puts it in a whole new perspective; when you see Karl do his solos on stage it's like...WHOA! Y'know?

Brendon: Fantastic seeing him in a cast and still playing on the DVD!

Eric Adams: Exactly; I mean it just shows you when the guy is out there doing his thing, riding his bike and racing on his motorcycle...he gets in a fuckin' accident, breaks his fuckin' leg, but still has the heart to go out on stage and play for the best fuckin' metal fans in the world...even though he can't move, he still plays and leans up against the drums. As a matter of fact I thought that was kinda cool 'cos i could roam the whole stage and not worry about bumping into Karl.

(Laughter all)

Brendon: That's the true warrior spirit of Karl Logan. Fantastic.

Eric Adams: That's right man!

Brendon: This is just a bit of a New Zealand question. We're very proud of Peter Jackson at the moment. He's a New Zealand director; he directed Lord Of The Rings. I don't know if you've seen it...

Eric Adams: Oh, yes are you kidding? Are you kidding? Fuckin' seen all of 'em!

Brendon: What do you think of the movies?

Eric Adams: Oh, they're fuckin' outstanding...outstanding

Brendon: I thought the only thing they could improve with it was maybe a Manowar soundtrack in the battle scenes

Eric Adams: Y'know? We're so there! Take care of that for us brother! We'll do that!

Brendon: Yeah; wish I knew Peter Jackson. I'd probably say "Hey, man have you ever heard this band Manowar?"

Eric Adams: Hold on, let me get you his phone number (pause) no I'm kidding!

(Laughter all)

Max: Yeah, next time we see him we'll tell him

Eric Adams: Yeah, sure

Brendon: OK, so when Rhino left the band, did he get to keep the stainless steel Drums Of Doom, or did the poor bastard burn his (original) drumkit for nothing?

Eric Adams: (Laughs) No, he kept the kit, brother. He kept the kit.

Brendon: You just see them go up in flames on the DVD and it's like "Poor bastard if he left the band and had to give the drums back that he inherited from Scott Columbus there"

Eric Adams: (Laughs) No man, he kept 'em. Scott gave them to him as a matter of fact so that's cool!

Brendon: OK Max, you've got a question

Max: Yeah, we got actually a whole bunch of questions. People rang up when we did the show last night. We actually had about 3 hours of sleep before we do the interview now and people kept calling asking questions to the band... So people want to know when do you plan to write a book telling guys how to get laid?

(Laughter all)

Eric Adams: I love it! There is a book coming out on the history of Manowar. It's being written now as we speak as a matter of fact and later a DVD should be coming out on the history of Manowar so that would be kinda cool...But we'll have to include a section on getting pussy

(Laughter all)

Eric Adams: I'm writing that down right now as we speak

Brendon: It's very important that the Manowarriors out there can go out and get pussy. I don't think any of them have any problems at the moment

Eric Adams: Ah, no...we'll dedicate it to our New Zealand Manowar fans

(Laughter all)

Max: So where in the world are the prettiest girls?

Eric Adams: Argentina

Max: Argentina? No second thought, just Argentina?

Eric Adams: The places I've been to, allright? I got some beautiful, beautiful pussy when I was in Japan; gorgeous pussy in Japan. But Argentina, y'know...the tanned skin, the green tell me!

Brendon: Wow!

Eric Adams: Absolutely stunning; of course I haven't been to New Zealand

Brendon: Well you gotta come, we've got some beautiful women here. If you come, you probably will cum!

(Laughter all)

Eric Adams: I'm on my way! I'm calling my travel agent right now!

Max: Come over; we'll show you around. Here's another question from the people; quite a simple question...what do you like the most about heavy metal?

Eric Adams: I like the heart that heavy metal has; the heart that goes with heavy metal, y'know? You don't play a song for your wallet, you play from your heart y'know? And the feeling that you get when you're up there doin' heavy metal and you look out into the crowd and they're into it 150 percent...they're into it all the way. I mean, there's no better feeling in the world, y'know? It's music played from the heart. That's all I can say

Max: Allright! Respect! Eric, what do you think about file sharing? What do you think about this whole internet file exchange?

Eric Adams: Yeah I think it's cool, I think it's a good thing. I mean why rip off your fuckin' fans? If a band comes up with a piece of shit album, why sell it to the fans if you've only got one good song on it?

Max: So you don't think it's ruining the industry or anything?

Eric Adams: Yeah I do, I think it's hurting the industry. I think it's hurting the industry a lot but my personal belief is I think everybody should be able to get online and I think everyone should be able to listen to 30 seconds of any song they want to, and if you don't like the song after 30 seconds, then don't buy the fuckin' album! But you get an idea of how the songs are and I think that's the way it should be

Max: Somebody we interviewed not so long ago said that it kinda works as a filter if you know what I mean; the bad bands just don't stand a chance to...

Eric Adams: Well why should they? If they're a bad band in the first place, why are they up there? Get the fuck outta the way!

Max: About the bands actually...are you keeping your eye on the scene? Are there any young bands that you particularly like?

Eric Adams: Uh, there's a lot of bands that I really, y'know what Max? I'd be unprofessional if I started mentioning band's names

Max: Fair enough

Eric Adams: But there's a lot of bands that I really do like; guys that can play their instruments live and don't depend on just studio gimmicks and shit. I mean that's a good band and when they're that good, they deserve recognition

Brendon: Cool. OK, form best drinker to worst drinker, who can drink who under the table in Manowar?

(Laughter all)

Brendon: Names! I know you're gonna put yourself first, Eric!

Eric Adams: No I'm not, actually! I'm no...believe me, everybody in the band loves to party. We all love to fuckin' get down and party

Brendon: Oh, yeah...we can see that on the DVD as well

Eric Adams: Yeah, i mean particularly if we're partying with our brothers. Y'know I mean you get out there and you get a bunch of fans out there that come to the hotel to meetthe band or sumthin' y'know? We're down there havin' a few drinks and before you know it we're all havin' a fuckin' great time and a good party and that's what it's all about, man but uh...I think Scott takes the cake

(Laughter all)

Brendon: He's a hard case

Eric Adams: Y'know, he likes havin' a good fuckin' time and y'know...we all do. But I mean Scott...I gotta tell ya...Scott would be tough to beat!

Brendon: I bet you're glad the little prank that you played on Scott made it on the DVD with the water on his drum stool

Eric Adams: Yes! You know that I forgot all about that until I saw it? Oh my God I laughed my nuts off when I saw it!

Brendon: We did too...we did too...believe me

(Laughter all)

Max: I got another question; it's a question from me because I'm actually originally from Russia...I'm from Moscow, and living and working in New Zealand right now. So the question is: not too much footage on the DVD from Russia...

Eric Adams: Right. Well we only did 2 shows in Russia, so I mean you can't really throw too much there. We represented the country, but you really can't put too much on it, because we were only there for 2 shows...St. Petersburg and then Moscow. We were 2 shows...3 shows! 'Cos 2 were in Moscow, 1 was in St. Petersburg, so we wanted to add the country because it was our first time there, but you only can show so much y'know man? I like the part where I put the hat on and I came out. That was a gift from a fan before the show. Some chick came backstage and after she was done gave me a hat as a gift and it was pretty cool. I wore it onstage for Black Wind, Fire And Steel and Joey had absolutely no clue at all that I was gonna do that.

Brendon: Is there a symbolic or any kind of meaning for the monster that you're using on the cover of the new DVD? I see you've used a similar monster from Ken Kelly on the CD cover of Hell On Stage Live...

Eric Adams: (reffering to the faceless warrior) Yeah it came out to be more of a metal character that we've used and it purposefully has no face because it's our's a hero that we all need, and the no face is because that hero could be anybody. Could be you, could be Max, could be me, could be the chick you fucked last week, could be any face...and that's the hero in all of us and that's why it represents power, it represents what metal is. It represents a leader: you can bet your fuckin' ass that that guy doesn't follow anything, he leads

Brendon: What about the large demonic figure you've got on the cover of Hell On Earth 3? What does he represent?

Eric Adams: A crazy fuckin' assed biker who rides his ass right through hell...came right out of hell on his bike!

(Laughter all)

Max: What was the best tour you've ever done?

Eric Adams: Any tour we've ever done has always been a great tour because we always meet new people and party with the same people that we've met before. It's a real difficult question because I'm out there havin' a good fuckin' time no matter where I matter what country it is. That's what I'm here for, y'know?

Brendon: Coming back to drinking which is part of partying...When you come to New Zealand, what beer do I shout you, Eric? What beer is your favourite beer? Or are you not allowed to say brand names?

Eric Adams: I'm allowed to do anything I fuckin' wanna do man!

(Laughter all)

Eric Adams: The only beer that I've really enjoyed anywhere I've gone throughout the world is Germany, OK? Now I've not been to New guys got a local beer in New Zealand that you want me to try out?

Brendon: Yeah I'm gonna shout you a Lion Red when you come over

Max: Steinlager!

Eric Adams: I'm so there! I don't like dark beer, although Scott does. But if it's a Pilsner or whatever I'm there!

Brendon: Eric, are there any particular songs that you really enjoy playing live and are there any that mean a lot to you?

Eric Adams: Great question. There's a lot of songs that I love playing live. "Courage" is one of 'em. I like doin' "Courage" live. The last tour we did in right about the middle of the set we went offstage and came back out with acoustic gear and played a 12 string acoustic guitar, Joey had an acoustic bass...we played "Master Of The Wind" then, and there were like 3 or 4 songs we did acoustically and it was very, very, very, cool. I think that was my favourite part of the night.

Brendon: My personal favourite Manowar song is "Mountains". Did you get to ever play that live?

Eric Adams: "Mountains"? Oh, sure we've done that live, but I mean that was a long time ago now. I think "Master Of The Wind" has taken that over. I'll tell you what, if we play New Zealand, write the fan club and tell them that that's what you want to hear live.

Max: I wanna hear "Ride The Dragon"

Eric Adams: Yeah, we've done that before

Brendon: That's some fast balls-to-the-wall heavy metal right there!

Eric Adams: House Of Death, man! Come on! That's too cool!

Brendon: The vocal effects were very don't actually get to hear the singing during the demonic voice in House Of Death on the CD, but on the DVD you can actually hear your singing in that part

Eric Adams: Yeah, well when we did that part, we wanted it to sound like a demon when we did it in the studio and so when we did it I layed down like 5 or 6 different parts there that you hear, and the demonic part is more prominent than the other parts, but when we did it live, I was singing live, so I sang one of the parts that I sang on the album and it just got to be a habit; I kept singing that line over and over again. So that's why on the DVD you get to hear that singing part. That part is actually on the album,
what I sang...

Brendon: I've got a text message that's just come through to the studio..."If there's any time left in the interview can you give Manowar the greatest hail for being the greatest metal band to ever exist. From Horde Lorde," which is a local metal band that plays the scene and actually, I've seen these guys live and they have said during their shows "this is to Manowar for being the greatest heavy metal band alive..."

Eric Adams: That's too cool!

Max: What was the craziest thing a fan ever did for Manowar?

Eric Adams: We had some fans in Spain give us swords. They had swords made for us and then they brought them to a show and presented us these swords on stage, and they were really really cool, with our names engraved in the blades of all the swords. And then they ran into some people I guess that weren't Manowar fans, and their parents put down the band, and they actually burned down the fuckin' houses! Can you imagine that? Now that's fuckin' crazy!

Max: A little bit over the line...

Eric Adams: Yeah! But I've got a funny story to share with you guys. We played up north someplace; Norway or Scandinavia, some place up there, and I just had a new leather outfit made, and I didn't get a chance to try it on before we went out on tour and I was in the dressing room and our wardrobe lady had this out for me to wear that night so I put it on and I start lifting weights...I'm stretching and doing my thing before I go out on stage. Then I get out on stage and it fits me a little tight and it fits me like it's pulling here and yanking there and it doesn't fit me quite right. I come to
find out that the bitch who made the outfit never sewed my nutsack toghether, allright?

(Laughter Brendon and Max)

Eric Adams:
So I'm standing there on fuckin' stage so the world can see, my foot is up on the monitor and my balls are hangin' out of my pants! And there are 2 chicks in the front row lookin' at my cock and I stopped singin' and stared at 'em and when they finally looked up at me 'coz I stopped singing I said "Hey, honey what are you lookin' at?" and they screamed out "YOUR BALLS!"

(Laughter all)

Eric Adams: True fuckin' story, brother! True fuckin' story!

Brendon: Eric, the girls looking at your balls...they weren't squinting?

(Laughter all)

Brendon: Just giving you shit, brother!

Eric Adams: That's a good one!

Max: Any last minute messages for the fans of Manowar in New Zealand?

Eric Adams: Yeah, man tell 'em that we're gonna get there as soon as we can. Tell 'em to get a hold of some promoter who's got a set of balls and tell them that we wanna play there man and until we can play there, check out that's the closest thing to a live show

Brendon: Awesome Eric. Thanks for your time and we'll have to do this again when you release something in the future

Eric Adams: Cool man, no problem. You guys give me a call and it's no problem, we'll do it again.

Brendon: Thanks for having the balls to answer all of our questions!

Max: Thank you! Metal on!

Eric Adams: No problem man. Take care!

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