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Titel: Joey - Dio - Lemmy
Datum: November 1999
Interview with Joey DeMaio / Dio / Lemmy
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Interviewer : Kristin Casparsson
Published on : November 1999

This interview is from a weekend family program called "Söndagsöppet"
They are interviewed by Kristin Casparsson.
Enjoy the magic !

Kristin: Welcome, Monsters of Millenium !
Weīve got Joey from Manowar, Lemmy from Motorhead, and Ronnie from Dio.
Whatīs the story behind the names of your groups ?

Joey: The name Manowar implyes that everybody has battles to overcome. It could be a disease, something personal, to fight to be something different, change your life and just believe in yourself.

Kristin: And you Ronnie, you have Dio.

Ronnie: Yeah, that was very easy, just my name.

Kristin: But what does it mean ?

Ronnie: It means God.

Lemmy: See ! How modest.
*everybody laughs*

Kristin: Lemmy, what is real heavy metal ?

Lemmy: I have no idea, we play rock īnī roll, actually my band. We are more punk, really. If we would have had short hair, we would have been put in the punk rack. But we have long hair, so obviously we must be heavy metalers. Thatīs about how far they think ahead of you. Itīs all rock īnī roll anyway, I think. All our music is a direct descendant of the original.

Kristin: Ronnie, is there any groups that say that they play heavy metal, but is not heavy metal ?

Ronnie: I think Joey will answer that one best. I donīt mean to shake this off, but Joey is our heavy metal expert.

Kristin: Allright ! Joey, are there any false bands ?

Joey: I think when you have a band like Dio, and when you have a band like Motorhead, theyīve made their careers and reputations because they play seriously and from the heart. I think that means your true. Some bands are not interested in the music. They either do it for the money, for the fame or for the glory, and donīt care about the most important - the fans. They are whatīs really important, and they should be treated with respect.

Kristin: Are there any swedish heavy metal groups ?

Joey: Yeah ! There is a great band called Hammerfall. Theyīre really good. And then thereīs Candlemass... There are alot of swedish bands.

Kristin: Yeah ! We do have some. I heard that your band had the record in playing loud.

Joey: We currently have it !

Kristin: How loud was it ?

Joey: It was around 129db for the band and 131db for me.

Kristin: So how is it with your hearing ? Do you have any hearing problems ?

Ronnie: Pardon ?

Lemmy: What did you ask ?
*they all laugh*

Kristin: And then you do have alot of fans. Does heavy metal fans differs in any ways ? From other fans.

Ronnie: They are certainly the most loyal of fans. I donīt wanna compare music styles, but Iīve always considered Country&Western fans the most loyal ones. They stand by their artist for their lifetime. One hitīs enough ! I think there is something like that with heavy metal too. Perhaps not as loyal as country fans - you have to have TWO hits as a heavy metaler.
*they laugh again*

Ronnie: But the fans are extremely loyal. Because it is a music form that have been looked down upon, itīs always been looked down upon. By momīs and dadīs.... and teachers.... I think, once that happen. You set up a bond, between a band and the audience. And they feel theyīve been talked down to. And considered dirty and stupid. We donīt feel that about ourselves, we donīt feel that way about the fans that come to see our music. I think theyīre some of the most loyal.

Lemmy: It can change !
*they seem to have fun, cause now they laugh again*

Lemmy: Itīs great when kids, ag group of kids, discovers a band thatīs an underdog, you know. They feel a secret society, you know. Itīs very important to be in your own special group. Everybody has their own favorit band. We lost some fans when we made our first album. 'Cause we selled out, you know. We just tried to live on it, but for them we sold out.

Kristin: You like vikings ? (She is talking to Joey now)

Joey: Yeah, I think itīs incredible to think that your ancestors, lucky you, in their day and their time, they invented technology, they didnīt have anything. No radar, nothing, e xcept what they felt, what they tought, and their brains. In that weather, they could sail across the world, and feed themselves. The laws that they came up with, are laws that we libve by today. They were fair, they were just. I think itīs just an amazing herritage, and I hope that kids here read up about it and study it, and not let it be lost. I just think itīs tremendous !

Kristin: So we can be proud ?

Joey: Absolutely !

Lemmy: Of course I come from England, where we had the danes.

Kristin: A last queston then ! Which one of you are the most gentleman ?

Joey: I think we all are ! I think we all are very very polite in our own way. When you do this for a period of time, and travel all around the world, you donīt wanna waste your energy on people that are negative. You just tend to walk away. I think thatīs kind of my philosofy, that I live by.

Lemmy: Itīs easy to have good manners, cause itīs free. I donīt understand why everybody doesnīt have it.

Ronnie: I think I am the biggest gentleman of all three. Iīm so small, so I have to be a gentleman. Or they beat me up !
*they all laugh a last time*

Kristin: Thank you very much for your time ! And good luck with your tour.

Joey: Thank you !

Joey: I love to kiss beautiful women.

Lemmy: Me too !