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Titel: Crusade Into Fortune
Datum: 1993
Interview with Joey DeMaio
Published by: METAL HAMMER Magazine Germany
Interviewer: Andreas Schöwe
Published on: 1993
Crusade into Fortune
It’s been six months past, since it had been stated, “Manowar has been dropped - they’re finished!” Wishful thinking of all wimps and posers. “Too early, guys!”, says ANDREAS SCHÖWE, because he knows better...
“My foot, we were dropped!” says Joey DeMaio, getting angry. They told you a whole lotta bullshit there. I think, I gotta put a couple of things straight. First, I have to say that all the trouble was caused by the American and not the German Record Companies. The European and especially the German ones have always worked 100 % in Manowar’s purpose. The fuckin’ assholes are sitting in America the land of the false metal fuckers.
It was obvious once again, “Atlantic saw our success in Europe and told us: Ok, now we’re gonna try to get you on top in the States. First you’ll have to change this and get more commercial... And that was the end of that – no more communication between that record company and Manowar because Manowar wants only one thing and that is to become harder, louder, heavier – that’s what we do! Nothing will ever change our attitude. In this case we don’t listen to anyone – with exception to our fans. Apart from that: Fuck you! And that’s why WE left the American Record Company. They did not get a new record from us, we did not go out on the road for them, they did not get a new video from us...and that’s it!
At this point venemous tongues liked to put out the theory that because Manowar doesn’t have any fans in the States, they won’t sell any records there. Also, the reason why the American Labels feel that they have to drop Manowar from time to time. “Wrong! We’ve got alot of fans in the USA. The problem ist, we were never had a record company that was into loud music. By the way: we do have alot of real heavy metal bands - but they get fucked by the record companies, they get fucked by the radio, they get fucked by MTV...That has almost become the American way of life: Fuck as fuck can! A lot of bands just fool their fans, giving up their independency and following every new trend.”
MCA/Geffen is your new record company and they obviously appreciate the uncompromising attitude of Manowar. Logically, John Kalodner the A&R Guru was responsible for the change: “He watched our rise over the years and always helped us the best way he could. John is always looking for bands with a strong identity and a special sound!”
Besides that, Joey DeMaio thinks that Geffen is one of the most competent record companies in the the business:"Guns N´ Roses, Whitesnake and Aerosmith – these examples alone show the experience which this label has with taking care of rock bands. And, Geffen’s attitude toward us, is completely different. For the first time in our career their not meddling with our matters. They just let us do what we want to! They like rock music and that’s why they understand rock bands. By the way, Manowar is a challenge for Geffen because it’s the first time they’ve ever signed a band which has more success in Europe than in the States.”
Joey sees that as an indication of the German market’s influence growing: “The whole music world has its eye on Central Europe. The bands that are successful here, must have their own qualities, so that they can also survive the rest of the world. In the beginning – principally when Wagner created heavy metal – it’s always been that way: The Beatles were big in Germany, before they were successful in England. David Bowie had his first record contract in Germany. Deep Purple had their great break through! Black Sabbath – Tony Iommi told me once, “We were nobodies in England, but our first record was a smash hit in Germany. Metallica...AC/DC...etc, etc, etc. You have always been the first adress for heavy metal. That’s why Germany has a symbolical character for us: if your fans say yes to a band and stay loyal towards them – it means something! And that’s why I never miss a chance, to tell the business fuckers in every other country in the world what’s going on with metal right here: Germany - that’s the place where the true metal people live! And that’s one reason why Geffen have an eye on you!"
And not only Geffen. Even MTV, according to Joey. Something we can’t really compensate, because it seems that Europe orientates itself by looking at the American Billboard Charts. “But the share on the world market in Central Europe has become larger in the last couple of years – they can’t ignore Germany anymore!”
People who wanted to see Manowar’s ambitions rise from a nationalists point of view, now have to admit that the euphoria of this band is definitely not of political nature.
But that, just on the side. The new record company is really doing alot for Manowar. First of all they’re working together with the band to re-release the albums INTO GLORY RIDE and HAIL TO ENGLAND in a remastered CD version: “At the moment you’re only able to get real bad CD-bootlegs, that were recorded from an old crackling LP. I bought these myself, so I know what I’m talking about. The quality is more than shitty. On the otherside we know how much Manowar’s fans want these albums on CD. That’s why the first thing we told Geffen was, that we have to re-release those two albums on CD. And that’s exactly the way it’s gonna happen. It definitely shows that Geffen understands us and our fans. Normally record companies won’t invest time and money in re-releasing old songs – but Geffen understood how important these albums are for the fans!"
And especially the fans are still so very important to the band: “Geffen is our eigth record company. Til this day we had to work in America with so many assholes, that only smiled – no, even laughed at us! We showed them and the whole music business that the only thing you need is: fans! Real fans! Nothing else matters, because with that you can survive as a band. And all those assholes, these guys that pissed down our backs and didn’t want to go on tour with us – they’ve stopped laughing by now, thanks to our fans!”
And even in the making of a video, which Manowar’s fans have been missing deeply, Geffen will give them the necessary (financial-)support: “There’s gonna be alot of footage from our personal videos – stuff about the band’s history and rare stuff that’s never been shown to the public!”
It’s supposed to be released in November – in any case “as soon as possible!” In advance – at about the same time this isue of METAL HAMMER comes to the stores – there’s gonna be a single released: “I’ve remixed the original version of Defender! Actually it was the first take that we recorderd – the guitars are definitely louder! As I was rumaging for the master tape of Defender I also found the original version of Hatred. I also remixed that song and it’ll be on the B-side of the single!”
Also, what’s not gonna be kept secret right here is that those two CD re-releases and the video will be availible in a strongly limited special box edition. And yet, there’s a second surprise to be discussed: “We haven’t released a live album yet and there are so many bootlegs in real bad quality out there. That could make a second box: a live double CD and maybe a live video!”
After that, towards the end of the year, there may be more activities being started: “We haven’t really decided whether to go back to the studio to record a new album or to go back on the road again. If we go on tour there’s gonna be a new backline. We’re working on it at the moment and testing what kind of speakers we could use, so we won’t need a roadie to stand by with fire extinguisher anymore, hahaha!”
The American Department of Defence has more than once shown interest in the research results of Manowar’s equipment designer John Dawk Stillwell concerning bass-tone technics: “If strong sound waves hit the human organisim at the same frequency of the body, than the entire body malfunctions. I don’t really know, how the army imagines this to work: Maybe they want to put us in front of the trenches so we could play towards the enemy, hahaha...”