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Titel: Joey Born To Rock Fuck and Drink
Datum: 1993
Interview with Joey DeMaio
Interviewer: Chris Glaub
Published on: 1993
Born To Rock, Drink & Fuck
First of all: The above title is not from me. It’s from a remark Joey (the maybe best four string-picker in metal genre) made during our conversation - one he’s after all so enthusiastic about – that he convinced me to use as the title.
Ok, said and done. Although it was a funny feeling to talk to someone officially after knowing and coming to appreciate him for nine years – since “Sign Of The Hammer”.

Interviewer: Apparently you must have alot of news, just spontaneously coming over to Germany, although the release of a new record is far away.

Joey: You got it. I have alot of news that especially you will be fond of. Recently I got hold of the original tapes of “Into Glory Ride” and “Hail To England and was able to remix them. They’ll be released in Autumn in a special package including a video, which tells the story of Manowar.

Interviewer: A fantastic idea, no question about that, but if you’ve just tasted blood, up dating these Records, how about going on with “Battle Hymns” and “Sign Of The Hammer”. Not to forget the original version of “Defender”, which was much more intensive than the “imitation” on “Fighting The World”.

Joey: That’s a goddamn good idea – maybe that will happen in the future. And concerning “Defender”, I can relieve you, I’ve already digitally remixed it.

Interviewer: You’ve just signed a contract with Geffen, after being thrown out from Atlantic Records...

Joey: Wait a minute! That’s not right! We weren’t thrown out, we left the company. Those goddamn assholes, motherfuckers, mendacious bastards set out that rumour. But that’s not the way it happened. “Das ist Scheiße!” (speaking German!)

Interviewer: Okay, in that case you must have had strong doubts in renewing your contract, because nobody throws a major deal from a substanial company away.

Joey: That’s correct, for example: the people from our record company in Germany were doing a fantastic job, they actually wanted to do more, but those idiots in America wouldn’t let them, who the hell knows why. Think about this: those guys wanted us to do lovesongs – they wanted to make a poser band out of us. But we don’t do bullshit! We play heavy metal for our fans and if someone doesn’t like that, well...fuck him!

Interviewer: Let’s talk about your last tour in Germany: A set of about 80 minutes is kind of meager, but beside the obligatory “Battle Hymns” you didn’t play any classical songs like "Guyana!, "Bridge Of Death", "March For Revenge (By The Soldiers Of Death)", "Defender", "Dark Avenger". during the “Triumph Of Steel Tour”. Previously you at least gave us “rays of hope” like “Mountains", "Gates Of Valhalla" or "Secret Of Steel".

Joey: We’re planning a tour just now, due to the release of “Into Glory Ride”/“Hail To England”. The setlist will mainly exist of songs from those records. And one thing I can say for sure, Chris, your favorites will be on that setlist.

Interviewer: May God bless you, if you’re right on that. But one thing I do have to criticize. Your so-called “Pleasure Slave Party” after your Gig in Ludwigsburg was really disappointing. I really thought you guys would have a harem with you, you know a couple of naked women, stuff like that!

Joey: It’s different from city to city, but normally something funny always happens every night...naked women in the hotel hall, or on the tour bus or even on stage. The next time you visit our gig concentrate on the first rows in front of me, you’ll always see four or five girls with their tops off. Besides you know our motto: Born to rock, drink and fuck!

Interviewer: I hope God takes notice to that! Back to music: How are you getting along with the successor of "Triumph Of Steel"?

Joey: We’re working on new material, but at that the moment we’re concentrating on the release of “Glory Ride”/”Hail To England”, because I know that our fans have been waiting for years to get those two records.

Interviewer: Looking, is finding...there are alot of LP recordings done as bootleg CDs.

Joey: I know, but the quality is absolutely shit. I bought both bootlegs, so I can judge that, it’s the same with our so-called live albums. You can tell the fans that the sound of "Into Glory Ride"/"Hail To England" is really great. They shouldn’t waste their hard earned money on bootlegs.

Interviewer: Let’s connect the past with the present. You guys hold the record in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the loudest band in the world and you were a pyrotechnician during Black Sabbath’s German “Heaven And Hell” tour. You met Ross The Boss from the Shakin’ Streets and after that formed one of the best metal bands ever. And just on this tour during their Mannheimer gig, Shakin’ Streets may have broken all volume records ever, because the audience partly went down on their knees, protests from suburbs miles away came in and that although the gig was in the hall. It was definitely louder than any Manowar gig that I was at.

Joey: Are you kidding me? How was that supposed to work. They didn’t even have enough equipment on stage.