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Titel: Karl and Scott in French RockHard
Datum: April 2002
Interview with Karl Logan & Scott Columbus
Interviewer : Lageat / Rouhet
Published on : April 2002
French Translation : Thierry Hominal
( French text below )

Well that's it, they are back. "They", they are the warriors. The crusaders. The proud carry banners of the metal, the truth, the one who has it. After six years of silence in studio, Manowar gets ready to reconquer the world of heavy metal, the world seriously told by the uncountable heirs of the godfathers of true metal. The new album of the band, Warriors Of The World (taken out on May 27th of this year) is a real puzzle, a sort of complex labyrinth which risks certainly to divide the fans (in Europe, can a resumption of a patriotic title of Elvis Presley make it ?). 4 members of the group were in Paris at the beginning of March to defend the youngest: We chose to interview Karl Logan and Scott Colombus because these two musicians are very too often in the shadow of the mentor Joey DeMaio. Indeed took us: the musical integrity of Manowar is legendary. That of the red-haired guitarist, the last to have joined the drakkar, is even stronger!

Interviewer: Sirs, it is a pleasure to maintain us with you. That is worth us this honor because, usually, the only one Joey takes care of the promotion?

Scott: we have to make photos as well as broadcast of Television directly in Germany where we interpret our single. Furthermore, there is so interview to give that Joey, the only one, would not have survived!

Interviewer: 6 years past since Louder Than Hell, your last album studio. It is enormous!

Scott: Theoretically, yes, but when you know how works the business, it is not so terrible: an album goes out, it is then necessary to make the promotion, to multiply the appearances on the TV or the inscriptions and, naturally to turn, to turn and to turn. It is necessary to add to it that after Louder Than Hell we took out two albums live and the video Hell On Earth part 1.

Karl: it is the fans who meant us that they needed these 3 products and we always obey the fans.

Scott: At the end of the tour "Louder...", in December, 1999, it was necessary to us more than 6 months to build our own recording studio, at Joey. Moreover, we baptized it Hell, because it was a hell! We were very fastidious as for this installation: it was necessary to us to buy the best possible equipment, to send to us to the most successful manufacturers, to test products, etc. … Most hard to connect was everything and to make that the matos works (laughter)! Because, when you are in phase of writing, you do not want to miss with the regulations. When you feel that you hold a good idea, you only have to press on the touch " rec ". Without caring you the other things. And, to finish, we really bent over the conception of a Web site deserving of this name, a site which allows to put in report all which, around the world, are dedicated to Manowar.

Karl: AND you forget the remasters of the first 3 albums!

Scott: It's true! incredible all the archives which we found: badges in the patchs by way of very rare photos. We put all this on a computer, what asked us a considerable time. To crown the whole, we finalized HELL ON EARTH'S DVD part 2 and 3 which will soon go out. We cannot say that we were unemployed!

Karl: And it was necessary well to us to write a new album. That took us on one and a half year because we do not write on the road. When we are on tour, we are concentrated at 100 % on our concerts. We have never written and we shall never write during soundchecks or on the road.

Interviewer: Thus, this return in studio has of the being a good thing for you ?

Scott: Absolutely. I like being in studio, I spend hours to listen again in buckle to the parts of each.

Karl: For my part, I hate that. That sets too much time: and then we are four musicians with our opinions and it is sometimes painful to agree our opinions. The studio is the base of the creation but I 100 times prefer to be on scene.

Interviewer: Manowar is a democratic group?

Karl: In democratic, I prefer the collective term: Joey produces but everybody has his word to be said. I believe that the groups which claim to make a long career need, I do not like the word but I do not find it the others, the dictator. Manowar is a vessel the captain of which Joey is. And it is very well like that. But I insist, we work at four: When comes the moment to compose, each proposes his ideas. To us to judge if they work or not. There are not formula: we spent two years on Warriors Of The World's certain titles and only two months on the others.

Interviewer: what is surprising with this disc, it is that it rings at 100 % as Manowar and that at the same time, it looks like nothing of it you were able to make in the past

Scott: I am very proud of this album which represents a natural progress of Manowar, once more a step forward. It is also the statement which we make for the world: we are capable of making different things and of composing fragments which no group of Metal would be capable of envisaging.

Karl: We tried to realize a very epic and fundamentally varied album: it is the denial that we throw in face of all those who say that Manowar always makes the same thing. On Warriors Of The World, there are ballads, classic details, fragments of opera, a resumption of Elvis, true Metal, in brief, of everything.

Interviewer: You Consider that it is about a risk-taking?

Karl: For me, it is evident. But it is necessary to know how to take risks. Those who do not take it will die without having known the glory or the defeat.

Interviewer: Which had the idea of the resumption of this title of opera " Nessun Dorma " (extract of Turandot of Puccini) that we find on Warriors?

Scott: We crossed the version of three tenors in our concert to Gods Of Metal in 1999. We were stunned by the reaction of the public and we decided to re-arrange the title in our sauce.

Karl: The work in the song of Eric is stunning. Who else that he in the world of the metal, would have been capable for singing this piece as well? Nobody.

Scott: Not Fred Durst at least (laughter)!

Interviewer: Were surprised to you seeing that he took out there as well?

Karl: No. Eric is the biggest singer of Heavy Metal who is, I do not thus see for which reasons we would have of the surprised being. He took that as a challenge, while knowing very well, seen his capacities, that he would manage to interpret this title perfectly.

Interviewer: The title "an American Trilogy " is also surprising

Karl: It is about three traditional songs of the American Civil War: "Dixie" is a hymn Confederate, " Battle Hymn of the republics " (glory, glory, halleluja) is a piece of the North, whereas " All my trial " is an honoring both camps. Elvis Presley interpreted this song during the mythical concert of Hawaï and, for us, Elvis is a godfather of the Heavy Metal.

Scott: (Trying to moderate the heats of his guitarist) let us say that we call him " King Of Rock' n Roll " and what we tax us of " Kings Of Metal ". Here is the link.

Karl: Yes, but this man always lived without caring thought of him: he challenged the standards, shocked the world and raised the entertainment rock n Roll to a superior level: it is the thing which we respect in the highest: on the other hand, some people asked us if it was about a nationalist song. In no way: This trilogy speaks about the American civil war but each can recognize there. Look what takes place around you: Each fights for the freedom and for what in what he believes. It is about a patriotic song, not nationalist. I want that things are clear.

Interviewer: This patriotism is in connection with what took place on September 11th?

Scott: It is funny that you ask this question because "Fight For Freedom" and "an American Trilogy " takes a certain echo with what took place this day there. But these two titles were ended before the tragedy.

Karl: We have already intended to record "an American Trilogy " at the time of Louder Than Hell but we realized that this title would not have been homogeneous with the rest of the disc. On Warriors who is, I repeat it, an epic album, this piece works marvelously.

Interviewer: You have just given 6 concerts in the USA. How felt you the return on scene?

Karl: It was excellent, as far as we had assured the top of the bill of a big festival New Jersey Metal Fest.

Interviewer: were able to you to test the efficiency of your new fragments?

Karl: No, we played that our single, "Warriors of The Warriors United". We are afraid of the hacking and of internet a lot. It would be inconceivable that our fragments are available before the release of the album.

Interviewer: Karl, the tour of 1998 was your first one with Manowar. What recollections do you keep?

Karl: Ditta, Carla, Anne-Marie and heights of the other (laughter)! No, more seriously, to play in Europe was a good experience: the scene is more important here than in the USA. To us, the metal is not any more really the metal: it is the hybrid genre which mixes the rap, the hip-hop, the techno and all this shit … They dare to proclaim themselves Metal but they lie and offend the true fans. And the media lie to the kids which believe, when they listen to Limp Bizkit, they have to make for a group of Heavy... < / p >

Interviewer: It is can be not so terrible as the young Americans can sometimes listen to the radio of "Fake-Metal" rather than R&B, no?

Karl: I do not know, I do not listen to the radio. And if, since the middle of the 90s, certain radios changed format, it is only for questions of money and marketing. The car manufacturers propose us regularly new models, radios make similar with a new style: it is not an artistic step, but an only commercial step.

Interviewer: it was difficult for You to adapt yourself to Manowar and to take the place of a symbolic person that Ross The Boss?

Karl: Not technically at least. I do not want that my comments are badly interpreted but Ross had a bluesy game which was simpler than mine. Concerning his replacement in the heart of the fans, I was not afraid because I am very on of me by nature and I knew that I was going to conquer Kids by showing them my implication at 100 % in Manowar.

Scott: What is funny, it is that, sometimes, the fans ask to Karl to dedicate the albums in which it did not participate. In that case there, he signs Karl The Boss (laughter).