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Titel: Guitar Heroes
Datum: 1986
Interview with Ross The Boss
Published by : Kerrang Magazine England
Interviewer : Unknown
Published on : Around 1986


Interviewer: When did you begin playing guitar ?

Ross: When I was 13

Interviewer: Why did you start ?

Ross: 'Cause there was nothing else to do !

Interviewer: First type of guitar ?

Ross: Gibson SG


Ross: Piano and violin

Interviewer: Early Influences ?

Ross: Cream, Black Sabbath, Mountain, The Yardbirds, The Bluesbreakers and BB King

Interviewer: First public performance ?

Ross: At a school when I was 13

Interviewer: First appearance on record ?

Ross: The Dictators " Go Girl Crazy " LP

Interviewer: Recording Bands ?

Ross: The Dictators, Shakin' Street and Manowar

Interviewer: Other vinyl appearances ?

Ross: I've worked with various people around New York and I was even on a disco session with an artist from Mexico once !

Interviewer: Equipment ( Live ) ?

Ross: Marshall 100 watt amps, Gibson Les Paul's and SG's and Stratocasters. I don't use any effects.

Interviewer: Studio equipment ?

Ross: It tends to vary depending on the sound I want - generally the sound I'm after is KILL !

Interviewer: Number of guitars owned ?

Ross: 10

Interviewer: Most memorable solo on record ?

Ross: I've got a lot of favourites : " Young Fast & Scientific " and " Disease " with the Dictators, the end of " Solid As a Rock " ( Shakin' Street ) and of course the Manowar stuff. " Metal Daze ", " battle Hymn " , " Dark Avenger " ... they're all classics !

Interviewer: Other guitarists you admire ?

Ross: Tony Iommi, Eddie Van halen in the beginning and early Buck Dharma.