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Titel: Eric Adams 2002
Datum: April 2002
Interview with Eric Adams
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Interviewer: Bernd Joachim
Published on: April 2002
That the single “Warriors Of The World” would land in the charts was something like a premonition, so the Kings Of Metal claimed their standards by residing at the very noble “Münchner Bayerischen Hof” to grant the ordinary journalists an audience.
Tom Klaner and my little self walked reverently through the halls of crystal and marble. Markus Wosgien, the First General of the earldom of Nuclear Blast was awaiting us so he could guide our way to the throne. And what now? His majesty Eric Adams runs past us and whispers that he first is going to the place, where even the emperor would have to walk to.

After all bladders and intestines were emptied, Eric personally served us some coffee (Yummy! “Na Prost Mahlzeit”...-Red.). While pouring us the black muck he gave us a review on the fact, that he loved coffee, but normally drank beer. Except when he was in Germany, because here the stuff tasted fantastic.

The last MANOWAR-Album "Louder Than Hell" was released over six years ago. So I had the audacity to ask if MANOWAR was able to allow themselves things like that and if the fans would put up with everything the band was up to.

“Well, you really can’t say that we were lazy. After “Louder Than Hell” more and more people wanted us to record a double live album. That’s why we released “Hell On Wheels”. Everybody liked the record, but for one or another, there were still songs missing. So we made another double live album: “Hell On Stage”. Of course there had to be a video and yet a DVD. All that took a lot of time, because we wanted to give the fans the fucking best we could do. Before each release we listened to every goddamn tape from every concert we did und discussed which song from all the countless venues sounded best and was good enough to be put on the record.” It took Eric about 10 minutes for this justification, rambling on about re-releases and compilations, etc. He wasn’t pissed off with the question, though – he was just starting to roll. He was doing wild gestures as he enumerated everything the band was doing for the fans during the last couple of years. “At the moment “Warriors Of The World” hasn’t even been released, but sitting right here I promise you that the successor will be out just 1 ½ years later!”

From the start MANOWAR has not only been afflicted with clichés but has also been one of the most uncompromising and dramatical bands on earth. That’s why the Kings Of Metal will not let themselves be very influenced in the making of an album from the outside.

”The only thing that influences us from the outside is Jack Daniels (laughs). No no, that was a joke. We write music for our fans, we give them exactly what they want. We are influenced by the things we experience on tour, that’s what gives us ideas for our new songs. “Call To Arms” and “Warriors Of The World” are such hymns for our fans all over the world. We even introduced “Warriors Of The World” on Stefan Raab’s comedy show TV TOTAL.” The interview was held one day before they came on TV, so Klaner was interested, if Eric had the fear that the viewers televisions might explode during the song. “Yeah that would be great”, the American guy dressed in leather jeans and vest cries out. The only thing he’s sad about, is not being in a good command of German, so he won’t be able understand Raab’s slapstick. In his opinion all Americans are too lazy to learn a foreign language. But Eric Adams doesn’t look like he’s lazy handling dumbbells. The size of his biceps might just match the size of Planer’s thigh, so let’s be happy about the fact that our Warrior Of Steel is in a good mood (for the moment, anyway...).

The band cannot make any considerations whether the audience will get ear damage due to the loudness during their concerts. They are the loudest band in the world and everyone should be confident about that fact. They don’t want to deliberately mishandle anyone, but they also don’t want to take the risk that even one spectator will say that it was to low. The band themselves play with earplugs; Eric Adams has at least one ear stuffed up. There are always earplugs at all MANOWAR concerts kept ready, just in case it gets to severe. But you have to feel metal, not just see it. Only when it’s loud, it’s good, says Master Adams.

So much for getting into the clichés. Would it be some kind of a disaster, if the band would have to let off that warrior image? Did Eric Adams ever think about performing just as a normal musician?

“No, never, not even one second, since MANOWAR started. Everybody else is “normal” and we enjoy being different. Our warrior image has become part of our life and the fans want it that way and are happy about it. Let me explain it to you. When you’re a child growing up, you fight your first battles against your parents. In school the battle rages on, against your teacher, than at your job it’s your boss. Every single person on earth has to fight every day against some kind of authority. So as a matter of fact, everybody is in some way a warrior who has battles to overcome. And when these people come home in the evening and listen to a MANOWAR record, in their minds they become the warrior on the cover and are for a short time heroes. Our message to everyone: Be strong! Be a leader! Believe in yourself! Don’t be an asshole, be a hero!”

You could clearly see that Eric was standing behind every word he just announced. In his opinion MANOWAR is not just a band that plays heavy metal, but a kind of religion. You start to believe this when you see the enormous legions that have given them a godlike status. These diehard followers call themselves “Army Of Immortals”.

A facet of this warrior and hero image is for Eric Adams to roll down the highway on his Harley Davidson to experience true freedom. Though, this fun ends very quickly if your bike suddenly breaks down.

"Can I get my bike running again, if it breaks down? Well, I always have a tool kit with me to repair minor damages. But it always seems a good idea to take Karl Logan with you on longer bike tours. He’s a mechanic and he also drives real motorcycle races.”

This extremely nice talk with Eric Adams lasted about 40 minutes. If I was to write down everything that was said, then I’d be able to fill 10 pages of this mag. We had one good laugh at the end of the interview while Eric Adams was signing a couple of CD covers and the color of the marker dripped on his pants. Like just being bitten by a tarantula he jumped up and tried to get the stain off his pants. Tom Klaner offered him to punish the marker by throwing it out of the window, but being so hysterical, Eric didn’t even notice. So now we know the Achilles Heel of the mighty metal warrior...