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Titel: Joey August 2000
Datum: August 2000
Interview with Joey DeMaio
Published by :
Interviewer : JBX
Published on : August 2000

A big thanks to the one of the World's fastest Bassists, Joey DeMaio for taking time out of his busy schedule to answer our questions.
Special thanks to Mr. John Pettigrass of Ragnar Productions in coordinating this interview with Joey DeMaio. Thanks John!

Greetings to all the Brothers & Sisters of Metal. This is JBX with RXF21 Magazine.
Today we're having the rare priveledge of interviewing one of the most influential and inspirational bands that have shaped the world of Heavy Metal:
The Kings Of Metal themselves,

Referring to Manowar's music as just Metal, Death Metal, or any other 'false' genre of music would be one of the greatest, and maybe last mistakes one could ever make.
To all the Brothers & Sisters of True Heavy Metal, Manowar are the only TRUE Kings of Metal that have the ability to maim, kill, and annihilate all of the blasphemours who try and integrate 'false' metal with TRUE Heavy Metal.

If you don't believe what I'm saying here, you will by the time this interview is finished.

Without further hesitation, the awesome Bassist of Manowar, Joey DeMaio.

Interviewer: Morning. How are you man?

Joey: I'm alright.

Interviewer: Alright.

Joey: Checkin' out your website right now.....

Interviewer: Oh, thanks. What do you think?

Joey: Looks pretty good.

Interviewer: Pretty good?

Joey: Yeah, it looks pretty good.

Interviewer: Oh, yeah, I know we gotta' work on a couple things on it, but......

Joey: Yeah, but the point is, you know, it''s from the heart, and that's what's important.

Interviewer: Thank you very much. Well I guess we can start on the interview, are you ready for it?

Joey: Absolutely.

Interviewer: Okay. Yeah. Man, you guys are so kick-ass I'm so honored to have you guys here.

Joey: Thanks bro. Well when you see our new video, it's (uh) titled; "Hell On Earth - Part 1" you'll definitely be happy. It's (uh) 2-hours of action packed craziness; behind-the-scenes footage never been seen before. You know the band touring all the world. What makes the video special and different is the fact that we (uh).....unlike most people, didn't record just one show. We recorded a whole section of our lives from 1994 to 1997. All touring and all the events in between, so I think it's something that everybody should see and check out, it's pretty killer.

Interviewer: Oh, definitely. That......that sure is a long stretch, 94’ to 97’.

Joey: Yup.

Interviewer: Wow. That makes it definitely worth it. Alright, I guess I’ll start off with the first one. Let’s see......My brother and I attended last year in August of 1999 here in San Francisco, and I was overwhelmed to see that once MANOWAR had taken the stage, the venue became quite packed while all of the attendees started shouting in unison; “MANOWAR! MANOWAR!”
< Q1 > How does this reaction from all of MANOWAR’s devoted fans make you feel?

Joey: It’s the greatest, cause’ we have the greatest fans. It’s no secret; it takes a hundred of any other fan to make one MANOWAR Fan.

Interviewer: I’m glad to hear you say that.......They sure are passionate about it.

Joey: Oh, absolutely. Now that....... San Francisco’s our town, there’s no question about it.

Interviewer: We’re honored to hear you say that.

Joey: Definitely. Can’t wait to return.

Interviewer: Alright, we’ll be seeing you soon hopefully.

Joey: Absolutely.

Interviewer: That was one of the best concerts I’ve been to in a while. (um) The way you asked a couple of the fans to go up with you on stage, and you asked one of them to play with you, that was totally outstanding.
< Q2 > Do you often get into the crowd like that as much as the crowd gets to you?

Joey: Oh, definitely. That’s the whole thing about a MANOWAR concert. It’s more than just going to see a band play music; it’s an opportunity for people to get together themselves get into a situation where they can go totally fuckin’ crazy. Not worry about what people are thinking, and just let loose......and it’s our way of sharing (uh) you know...... the experience of the fans’.......Just lettin’ everybody let it all out.

Interviewer: Oh man......That was a killer night.

Joey: Yeah it was a great night, it was a really, really great concert and, you know...... We play a lot of shows and you know...... things that San Francisco show stay with you.

Interviewer: Oh, they sure do. What stayed with me the most is the fact that nothing had changed; It was as if we were listening to the MANOWAR cd straight on.

Joey: Mmmmmhmmmm.

Interviewer: Everything was so great.

Joey: Yeah it was a pretty good gig, and the sound of that place was good as I recall. The crowd was just super, I mean..... In fact if I recall correctly, the crowd kept screaming for about forty five minutes after we were done.

Interviewer: Oh, yeah. Too bad we couldn’t make it to the MANOWAR After Party though.

Joey: Yeah, well next time you will bro.

Interviewer: I sure will. Alright now let’s get onto the next.......

Joey: Yeah we took the roof off that shack, I remember that.

Interviewer: Hmmmm. Now the other bands that were with you like, Six Feet Under........
< Q3 > how did they come along by opening for MANOWAR?

Joey: They were a band that (uh) happened to be on our label.

Interviewer: Oh, Metal...... Ragnar.......

Joey: Right. Metal Blade. Metal Blade suggested them, and we liked their music, we liked the fact that they were playing real Heavy Metal.

Interviewer: Now onto the next question.......
< Q4 > Why do you think that TRUE Heavy Metal is more widely accepted in other countries such
as England, Germany, Japan, and Brazil as opposed to here in the United States?

Joey: Well because a lot of people here in the States are influenced by the dogshit that’s on MTV. You know.... the dogshit that’s on the radio, know.....they’re stupid. And they know..... They think that in order to be happy, they’ve got to be enjoying what everybody in the world know......Like a fashion. But (uh) MANOWAR fans you know.....are people that kind of think for themselves. They enjoy what they enjoy. They don’t need something to tell them what (uh) what’s good or what’s not good.

Interviewer: Yeah, all that corporate you know...... boy band stuff is kinda’ getting to me as well.

Joey: Yeah. They’re crap.

Interviewer: Yes it is. They don’t even write their own material.

Joey: Yeah, well.......

Interviewer: That bothers me a lot.

Joey: There you go.

Interviewer: Now back to the fans of MANOWAR.
< Q5 > How is the U.S. Crowd different from the rest of the world?

Joey: Well they’re not different in the sense that they....... they’re there for the same reason, you know..... I mean the Fans of MANOWAR are like a family world wide, and so, you know..... when you go to into a MANOWAR concert, people don’t look at you and go “Oh well you’re from Germany, you’re from San Francisco, you’re from Italy.....” It’s like “Hey! Welcome! We’re all here for the same thing; to go totally fuckin’ crazy, you get our heads blown off with Heavy Metal.”

Interviewer: Definitely. I couldn’t agree with you more. Now looking towards the future of MANOWAR........
< Q6 > Where do you see TRUE Heavy Metal going as we begin to enter the new millenium?

Joey: Well I mean, I think Heavy Metal is here to stay. It always has been, it always will be; It’s like Classical Music, or like Jazz, or anything, even Country.......When something gives people something, in their heart, in their soul, it’s gonna’ be there forever. You know it’s like saying “Are movies ever gonna’ go away? Is booze ever going to go away? Is fucking ever gonna’ go away?” and it’s not. Things that hit the core of the soul, that are real, have a place.....forever.

Interviewer: Truly inspirational words. I’m gonna remember that forever.

Joey: Thanks brother it’s true.

Interviewer: Hey Excuse me for a second that was powerful.

Joey: Well that’s our scene bro. We’re not fuckin’ around. We’re not like the rest of these bands that are up there, you know..... having a good time. We’re serious about what we’re doing. We’re delivering fucking Metal. We’re here to melt people’s faces.

Interviewer: That is the way it always should be. Man. Alright, now the next question is, you’re probably gonna’ like this one........
< Q7 > What has been the biggest challenge that MANOWAR has ever had to overcome?

Joey: We..... I don’t know the greatest challenge.....I think that the challenges every day are the same. To fight, to bring Metal all over the world, to our fans.

Interviewer: That is a valiant fight too........

Joey: No greater cause brother.

Interviewer: I don’t see any greater cause myself, exactly. Now with MANOWAR and touring.......
< Q8 > Do you plan on going back out on the road for touring anytime soon?

Joey: No. We’re gonna’ be working on a new record now, and we’re gonna’ be working on Part 2 of Hell On Earth. So, we’re gonna tour as soon as our new album’s out.

Interviewer: So when do you plan on releasing the next album?

Joey: That’s a good question. As soon as it’s done.

Interviewer: Okay. Alright, now..... Speaking of the creative aspect...... Most of your songs are about Warriors, Bravery and Honor.
< Q9 > Where do you find the inspiration for your lyrics and music?

Joey: Well, I’s....A lot of it comes from our fans; The fact that they have persevered and they are the type of people that believe in themselves, and they live their own life, so I would say our fans are a big source of inspiration. I would say just ‘life’ have to look for things that taught you, that say ‘wow, that’s deep. That’s something profound.” I mean, you could find that anywhere; movies, books, art, just walking down the street, just looking at......just looking at what man has been able to create, you know..... in a positive sense.

Interviewer: Now that also brings us back to the fans here. Now this is kind of a sensitive question.
< Q10 > Do you think MANOWAR’s music has any influence on minors in regards to alcohol consumption, violent behavior and pre-marital sex?

Interviewer: The whole “maim, drink and fuck” thing is kinda’ cool.

Joey: Yes. Well that’s because we stick with the basics. You know..... I mean, things that work in life that are fun, we’re up for, you know..... and I think everybody should have fun and do whatever the fuck they wanna’ do as long as they’re not hurtin’ somebody else.

Interviewer: Truly said. That is a gem..... It really is. Okay now, we’re kinda’ grinding down to the final questions. Now this is about another band, in general.
< Q11> Now what would you think about a band that hasn’t been around as long as MANOWAR has and likes to talk shit about other bands they don't even personally know all while having their egos stroked, primped and primed? (Did I forget to mention that they're also arrogant bastards?)

Joey: Well brother, you have to understand something; The thing with MANOWAR is the same thing that you saw on the stage in San Francisco. We didn’t think we were some “big fuckin’ important rock stars” and the person who we dragged out of the crowd to play guitar was some fuckin’ lowlife. I mean, for us, we’re no different than our fans, we don’t see ourselves as any better than our fans, or anybody else.......we’re people. That’s the difference between MANOWAR there’s an honesty there that we share with our fans and our audience, and that’s why they’ve named us the Kings Of Metal. We’re just here to do what we do. Obviously you’re here for the same mission. You know..... you believe in what you do, you’ve done everything yourself, it’s from the heart, It’s real, and that’s what it’s all about.....That’s why you’re gonna’ win in the end.

Interviewer: That really means a lot coming from you. Thank you.

Joey: You’re welcome bro. Any encouragement I can give you, I’m happy to. You know..... I’m lookin’ at your page it doesn’t look like some fuckin’ know...
Piece a shit. It looks like it’s serious......

Interviewer: (snickering) I’m gonna’ tell the webmaster that......

Joey: And make sure you tell your webmaster to download some of the MANOWAR photos from our site as well because you got photos that he can use on your page with this interview.

Interviewer: Yeah, I was just gonna’ get to that part....

Joey: Yup.......

Interviewer: But.... I’ll ask you that at the very end. Now one very......actually this is the final question right here....
< Q12 > Do you have any words to say to all of the loyal, devoted Fans of MANOWAR ?

Joey: Yeah. We love all of our fans. Our fans are the blood that pumps through our veins......We’ll NEVER fucking let you down. We KNOW our Fans are the best, they’ve made us the Kings Of Metal and that’s why everybody else is jealous. It DOES take one hundred fans of any other band to make ONE fuckin’ MANOWAR Fan. If anybody doesn’t like it, we hope you die.

Interviewer: (Sinister laughing) Truly said! With such power.....From the Kings Of Metal.

Joey: Well I gotta’ fly bro.

Interviewer: Okay, same here. Well thank you very much for taking the time outta’ your schedule.......

Joey: No problem. Talk with John in our office when this thing’s done so we can check it out, and download those pictures that I was telling you about.

Interviewer: Okay. We’ll be sure to do all that.

Joey: Alright?

Interviewer: Alright, thank you.

Joey: Be in touch bro. Anytime, anything you need.

Interviewer: Okay, thank you very much.

Joey: Stay strong bro.

Interviewer: Alright you too man.

Joey: Gotta’ let you go.

Interviewer: And a big thanks to all the brothers and sisters of Heavy Metal for stopping by and checking out RXF21 Magazine. Be sure to check out the Official MANOWAR Website at for the latest news on MANOWAR as well various links to purchase any MANOWAR Merchandise. I’m JBX with RXF21 Magazine.