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Datum: 1996
Interview with Eric Adams
Published by : Cleveland's Scene, USA
Interviewer : Steven Batten
Published on : 1996


When you've got a reputation for being the most powerful band on the planet,
you've got a lot to live up to. That daunting prospect doesn't trouble
Manowar, however. Returning after a four-year absence, the band is set to
prove once and for all that the demise of heavy metal has been greatly

With LOUDER THAN HELL, their forthcoming Geffen Records release (scheduled
for a Tuesday, October 1 premiere), Manowar are intent---hell-bent,
rather---on realizing the kind of success here in the States that they have
enjoyed abroad.

They'll kick off a world tour right here in Ohio when they perform at the
Machine in Massillon this Saturday, September 7.

In keeping with its mission statement of making every Manowar concert an
event of epic proportions, the band will shoot a video for its new single,
"Return of the Warlord", during its Cleveland-area stay.

"It's gonna be unbelievable, man," enthuses vocalist Eric Adams. "We're
gonna f**kin' blow the roof off this place.

"We picked Ohio because the last time we played in the States, we went
across the whole country, and everybody in the band seems to remember Ohio,
in particular a club in Cleveland called Flash's. That was a cool show for
us, and the crowd was just f**kin' bananas. It was great to see that."

It's reactions such as that, as well as the band's near-legendary status in
Europe and elsewhere that prompted Geffen Records to take a chance on the
band, which released two albums (INTO GLORY RIDE and HAIL TO ENGLAND) on the
label early in its career.

"Geffen showed a big interest in the band a long time ago, and they came
over to see us play in Europe and saw the maniac crowds over there, so they
decided, 'Hey, there's a buck to be made, maybe they can do something here
in the States,' Adams says. "They were behind the band and they were very
honest with us.

"They're one of th only record companies --- and we've been with seven or
eight of them --- that's been honest enough to tell us, 'Listen, you guys
seem to know what you're doing, do it'. And not try to convince us to be
something that we don't want to be.

"They know that we know how to tour, we know how to make records. We do the
whole thing ourselves because we've been here long enough to know how to do it."

The early returns have been encouraging for both band and label.

"We're pretty excited about it," Adams says. "We put a single out and it
hit the charts in Germany the first week it was out. That's kind of
exciting for us."

For now, however, the most exciting thing for Manowar is the video, which
Adams promises is going to be an unforgettable experience for both the band
and its devoted fans.

"It's a song about bikers---Return of the Warlord," he explains. "Obviously
the bikes are going to be there. We're going to have a good time with those
bastards, I tell ya. So put the word out. Anybody who's got a bike, c'mon
down and party with the band. We're there for two days in Ohio, and we're
just gonna party down and have a hell of a time.

"We're gonna get some great lookin' chicks," he continues, "hop 'em on the
back of the bikes and go for it. We'll have chicks up there dancing on
stage while we're playing. It's gonna be a real f**kin' cool scene. It's
gonna be one hell of a f**kin' party. The gig is second---it's a party first."

Adams and his bandmates --- guitarist Karl Logan, bassist Joey DeMaio, and
drummer Scott Columbus --- are confident the local fans won't let the band down.

"It's a cool scene, it's a cool crowd, it's a metal crowd," he says. "It's
strictly a Manowar crowd, and it's the place we want to be. We think it's
going to make a great video.

"We're psyched," he adds. "We just can't wait to play. We're dying. It's
like Christmas morning for us, you know."

The hardest part, at this stage in the band's career, is knowing what songs
to play, without leaving out any favorites.

"It's tough," Adams admits. "When you've got eight albums, you don't know
who in the crowd has only BATTLE HYMNS. Which one in the crowd only has
We try to pick and choose songs from every album, which leaves us time for
two or three songs from LOUDER THAN HELL. Obviously, 'Return's" gonna be one of them."

Beyond that, the game plan is simple, according to Adams.

"Our game is just to get out there with this wall of gear, pedal to the
metal, man. Just f**kin' put it where it's supposed to be. Kill some
people out there. Strap your f**kin' nuts to your legs because we're gonna
blow this f**kin' place apart.

"This is the loudest band in the world, brother, and we're coming to Ohio.
We're just gonna show people what true heavy metal is. It's not dead, and
it's not gonna die as long as Manowar's playing."

It's that dedication to what the band's always been about that has endeared
Manowar to their fans, Adams says.

"We aren't going to change for anybody, we're not going to follow anybody's
trends. We have our own beliefs and our own style of music, and that's what
we're doing. I think the fans really dig that about the band. We don't
take shit from anybody. We don't kiss ass, we kick it. That's the way it is."