I Believe

Band on their way to stage

There is not much to say about the video to "I Believe". Although it is the best thing Manowar has ever produced from the technical aspect, it happens not much in it. But this is not urgent needed, cause the song can speak for itself.

When the music starts, the four Kings Of Metal march onto stage. Now you alternately see the fans enjoying the show and the different band members. Joey skillful works on his bass while Karl does the same with his guitar. Scott again plays the drums barefisted. He seems to have taken pleasure on that.

The colouring of the video is pretty dusky. Not black-and-white like in some previous videos, but the lighting is very less, so that you only can see parts of the faces etc. This really increases the atmosphere. At "With a message, for all who will hear" Eric points at the crowd standing in front of him. When Eric sings about the "Defenders of faith" the camera shows Scott. Behind his drumkit something that looks like a cross is used as lighting. Scott has raised his arms to the "sign". Right after that you see a close up view from Eric who also hails the crowd with the sign.

Eric mit Sign
Eric with sign

At the refrain Joey points in the camera, and the fans are waving their hands to the beat. At "For the weak of heart" Eric energetic hits his chest. Now you see some live goodies of the band. Eric who presents the both instruments of his colleagues to the crowd, and Joey that tears the string from his bass guitar like a professional. Now you see Joey hailing the audience with the sign, that surely returns it. Mister DeMaio presents his bass guitar like a weapon. He is ready to fight for the defense of True Metal. Joey and Karl hold their instruments together like a cross and so the video is ended.

The video was shot in Zlin which is located in the Czech Republic. According to Scott this is the home of gorgeous women, great beer und some of the crazies Heavy Metal fans of the world. But we have heard such sayings to many countries from the band. The fans in the video are all real fans that were on the concert.

Scott Columbus

For Joey this song is a universal hymn, because the idea of believing in something respectivly believing in oneself is great. Regarding the quality this is the best video of the band. The lighting, that was made by Jojo Tillman, is exemplary. The video came a short time after the video Warriors Of The World. According to Karl it is one thing to make a concept video, but another thing to shoot a live video. This video is a tribute to the fans.

The post production was made in the Barrandov Studios in Prague, which is one of the biggest studios of Europe. The used a new "Pogle" Colour Grading System for the video, which improved the colouring of the video. The man who was responsible for the post production, a guy called "Klaus", already worked on movies like "Blade 2" and "Knights Tale" and he also did a great job with this video.

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