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"Yo man.. What's on TV?" "Nothing..." "Put this on.." This dialogue starts another Manowar video that already is cult: "Blow Your Speakers". The whole thing starts with four guys that are sitting bored in their room in front of the television set and finally put on the record to the song. This brings the record player to explode. But this does not stop the guys to party like crazy to the song with the classic repertoire of air instruments (therefore air mic, -drums and of course the king of the air instruments, the air guitar). It is noticeable that the metalheads are all wearing manowar shirts that can't be bought (at least not nowadays).

Like in the first video to "Gloves Of Metal" the whole thing is interrupted every now and then in order to show the band performing the song. So you can see again how Joey and Ross maltreat their instruments and Eric who screams with all his might. In comparison to "Gloves Of Metal" there is an increase of the performance quality recognisable. The whole video looks more mellow and professional. Scott Columbus finally takes his drum sticks, breaks them to pieces and plays afterwards the "drums of doom" barefisted.

In the next fade you see again the four Manowar fans storming a music store. They push the desperate salesman aside in order to get the video cassette of the new video. Joey appears on the screen who is pointing to the camera matching to the text "Blow your speakers".

The solo by Ross prefaces an enormous presentation of their arts. As already in "Gloves Of Metal" you can watch every finger move of Ross. Now the three (Joey, Eric and Ross) march in closed formation to the front of the stage and Eric cheers the audience on. In the next scene you see Ross and Joey holding their guitars in a cross similar shape together, as you know it from many shows. Now the three kneel on the ground and slap together with the fist on the ground (looks cooler than it sounds).

From now on you see the fans more often, that are banging their heads with raised hands that are building the sign. Ross throws his guitar in a acrobatic master stroke in the air, and Scott is pounding the drums again with his fists. Now you can enjoy Ross legendary propellor style, when the band (this time all four) marches to the front of the stage and hails the crowd with the sign.

Worth knowing


The trigger for this video was an appearance of the band at Z-Rock, which is one of the best known radio stations, that is playing Heavy Metal 24 hours a day. With only one appearance in Ohio the guys accomplished to sell 10.000 records on one day. Encouraged by this success the record label urged to release a new video for the fans. The band was of course fascinated from this idea, but they determined from the beginning that this should be a video that kicks ass.

The shooting of the video could have been done by John Milius, a well known director, who already directed "Conan the Barbarian". Nobody knows what killer video this could have been, but the record company unfortunately had doubts that this would burst the budget, so that they hired another guy.

Dawks Sohn
Dawks son

During the video shoot it came to first troubles with the record company. A lady that was in charge of the video department could not reconcile with the dressing style of the band especially with some trousers where people could see parts of the asses. Joeys answer to this was that if she doesn't want to look at his ass, she could even kiss it (kiss my ass!). You can imagine that the band did not stay at this label very long.

The scene where Scott breaks his sticks to pieces and plays with his fists is a homage to his hero John Bonham (drummer of Led Zeppelin). The band was excited by the light effects because this remembered them to the lighting of the enterprise or more suitable of a klingon vessel. For the scene in the music store they took the "Stellar Stereo". The salesman was a local actor. You can see him blackened with soot in the audience again.

The fair-haired guy who imitates Erics vocals is the son of John "Dawk" Stillwell. The video was for the band an opportunity to show people how Manowar acted on stage, because back then it was not possible for them to play any location they wanted. Niles Seagull directed the video. He already directed several music videos, among others "Fight for your right to party" by the Beastie Boys. Manowar declared from the beginning that he is a good director for sure, but that this video shall not be a party video. The fans in the video are not actors. This are all real fans of the band who were hilarious when the band announced that they are going to shoot a video.

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