Fuck the World!
Fuck the World!

Courage... This song certainly is one of the most emotional ballads ever written by Manowar. So it was not unprovoked that the band chose this song to translate it in into French as a tribute to the french fans. In this live version of the video it is admittedly the original english version. The video, just like the live version of Metal Warriors, consists in a great measure of scenes from live performances, but this does not harm the atmosphere.

The video starts with the ritual that is celebrated before every show. Joey, Eric, Karl and Scott hold together their hands and with a "Fuck the World!" by Joey the show can be started. The song itself starts with Joey on the piano. The whole scene is in wonderful blue colours. This really looks awesome. Now Eric sings the first verse of the song und you can clearly hear the fans singing the lines.

The performance is interupted every now and then to show the band by their preparations for the show. Scott wanders like a boxer through the corridors with the hood over his face and making fighting moves. At the passage "See me stand alone.." you see Karl who looks a bit contemplative. Looks quite good. Now you see the members preparing their instruments (at least if they have one).

Eric bei Courage
Eric by Courage
Scott screws at his drums. Karl twiddles with his guitar and Joey checks the sound system a last time. Every now and then you see the members of the band with some roadies or other representatives of their following.

Now a little variety is given to the scene when Eric drives some rounds on his bike in front of hall. On the next scene you see Eric waving his hand to "so for now wave good bye" and the crowd does the same. Now you can enjoy some of the greatest Manowar live pictures. Eric singing while he is waving his hand, and in the background the countless fans. Many of them are waving lighters. When you see this, you wish that you could be there right now, but this feeling probably occurs in every Manowar video.

The next scene shows a faithful fan who has tattooed the Triumph Of Steel logo just like in the video of Return of the Warlord. Beneath the tattoo you can see Erics signature. I don't know if the fan has tattooed the signature too. But it is not only this fan. Now you see many people presenting their proof of faith to the camera.

Fan mit Tattoo
Fan with tattoo

At "Hear this song of courage ride into the night" you see the four driving together side by side at the outside of the hall. Now you see a great solo by Karl which is performed very emotional. The next pictures show the crowd that is nearly going berserk. Once unclasped a Manowarrior hardly can be stopped. Now you see Joey tearing out a bass string and right after that at a bullfight. So the band wants to show their admiration for this barbaric sport. The bull has eyed the matador and is ready to attack. Now the hole scene is painted completely red. As we know, this is a signal colour for the bull , that makes him attack. And exactly this happens in the next scenes. The bull attacks but the matador graceful dodges the onslaught.

Now you see Joey driving onto stage on his bike and you see how he and Karl hail the audience with the Sign, which is of course returned by them. As in the beginning you see Joey on the piano and instigating the end of the video. On the next fade you see the crowd, where many fans have lighted sparklers. A really touching view. Scott finally plays the drums and the video is ended by a mighty gong and the applause of the fans.

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