Die For Metal

Tim sees the truck
Tim sees the truck

There are some interesting information to Die For Metal. Manowar shot parts of the video on Saturday, the 24th February 2007, in Bochum (Germany) during the Manowar Fan Release Party to the new album Gods Of War. That's why also some Manowar Germany users have managed to eternalise themselve on the video.
Beside the fans the german actor Tim Sander played an important role. Sander is most of all know by tv soap operas like "Gute Zeiten - Schlechte Zeiten" or "Verliebt in Berlin". Not all fans were zealous about the decision to chose Sander, but everyone should build his own opinion about that.

On Friday, the 16th February 2007 at 20:15, the german tv channel Pro7 showed an event named "Fight Night" that was hosted by Stefan Raab. Manowar used this show to present "Die For Metal" the first time and of course this was done live. As of 16th February 2007 it was also possible to download the song from, and the Pro7 Downloadshop for some money.

Of course it can not be unmentioned what's the background for this song. If somebody reads the booklet to Gods Of War carefully (in the PDF version) will notice quickly that this song is dedicated to a guy named Götz Kühnemund. Because not everybody knows who this guy is und why he is honoured by Joey in that way you can read here a summary of the occurrences that have led to this song.

Tim drinks the beer
Tim drinks the beer

Götz Kühnemund is the chief editor of the Rock Hard magazine and had since early days every now and then the oppurtunity to interview the band. Both parties had a good relationship between them. Then came the Earthshaker festival. And like the most of you will know there were also some critics around (orchestra not live, too much talking, band changes running order, band gets money for ALL sold shirts, and so one). Together with other reproaches (Karls accident was faked to have a reason for delaying the tour, because not enough tickets was sold) Götz confronted the Manowar leader in an interview with them.

It should be mentioned that the interviews was very agressive from Götz's side and he was not really squeamishly. Because Joey now felt personally attacked it came like it has to be and the interview derailed. Joey asked Götz if he was ready to die for metal, what was negated by Götz with the argumentation "I prefer to live for it". Joey now declared that he would die for metal, and that this should be printed under all circumstances. Götz could also come on stage and shoot him, because he would be ready to die for metal.

Other people would now have forgotten the things that happened but Joey decided to write "Die For Metal" and to make a little hint to Götz with the dedication of the song.

You can build your own opinion about that, but now more details to the video:

The finale
The finale

The video starts with Tim Sander who is insulted at work by his boss, whereupon he quits his job enervated. Then the first tacts of the song starts (borrowed from Led Zeppelins Kashmir). Tim now walks aruond and kicks at everything that is not nailed down, and also the two guys who comes across him are no obstacle for him. You see short lightings flashing the sky. He walks on and suddenly sees a hall, and in front of the Manowar Truck. Now and then you see short scenes of the band on stage with some pyro effects. Tim now comes near and already hears the first voices. He now gets into the crowd. At Erics "and the guy beside me gave me a beer" you soon see Tim drinking the mentioned one (on the left side of Tim you can see the Manowar Germany user Steelheart that is also known as Kaffee).

Now you see often Tim that is partying with the fans to the music. At "They call themselve immortals, they're the truest of the true" you see the fans in a circle holding their hands together and lifting them up cheering.

You also can admire the band (Karls new "uniform" should be mentioned). At the words "raise your fist up in the air" Eric raises his fist. At "brothers stand beside me" he points at his band colleagues. Karl also shows every now and then his guitar skills. At "louder then hell" Joey points into the camera (the same camera guy like in "Return Of The Warlord"?).

Now the end starts with big pyro effects. The band stands in the middle of flaming pillars.

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