Gloves Of Metal

Story line

Eric und Joey
Eric and Joey

The video starts quite poetical with a bird that flies lonely his rounds. A momemt later you see Joey riding into the scene with his horse. The riding scenes are interupted every now and then in order to show the band. So you can enjoy watching every finger move of Ross riffs or how Scott handles the "Drums of Doom".

Later Joey rides through a forest and suddenly the remaining band members appear on their horses by the passage "And gather we on this site" and now ride together with Joey. At the compulsive "We wear leather, we wear spikes!" Eric shows the "Glove of Metal" confident of victory into the camera in order to put the fear into all whimps and posers.

Every now and then you see the fans of the band that are enjoying the song. Some of them have a banner with the Manowar writing on it, and they show it proudly to the camera. Joey and Ross now handle their instruments to such an extent that it is a great joy to watch this. Ross even holds his guitar perfect into the camera, so that the people can watch every move of his fingers.

In the next fade you see some villagers that are raided by unknown intruders. Our 4 heroes now appear in a magical way with lightnings and they immediately plunge full of beans into a fight with the intruders.

One after another they defeat the whimps and free the gorgeous women of the village. One of the attackers tries to escape, but he is stopped by Eric, who proofs his hunting skills, with an arrow. Joey knocks another guy (maybe the leader?) down with a spiked mace.

The battle is over and the 4 posture in a pose of victory over a majestic landscape. You can now see Eric who disappears in a heroic pose with a flash. Only the swords of the Kings of Metal remain in his place.

Worth knowing

winner pose

The story primarily is based on the stereotyped fight between good and evil. The village is attacked and Manowar as the "good guys" save the village beauties in a heroic manner. The guys ride a lot in the video. Joey himself is riding since childhood (maybe it's in his blood because he is half-caste). This thing was more complex with Eric. He was thrown from a horse when he was a little boy, so a lot persuasion was needed, till Eric declared that he would make it. But towards the end he had a lot of fun.

During the filming Ross horse bolted and came back after one and a half hour. Regarding to Scott this video was made in the same way like nearly everything at this time: single-handedly. There was little support from the record label and so the guys had to pay the filming theirselfes for the most part. Dawk is responsible for the explosion effects in the video. The Taughannock Park near Ithaka was chosen as the filming site, because there were many different old stones. Dawk was also friend with Skip Landon, a Professor of the Ithaka filming school and so a good work could be done.

Ross the Boss
Ross the Boss

The band organized a outfit contest for the girls in order to chose who should act in the video, but in the end they liked every girl, so that they decided to use them all in the video. Eric made the advice to cut the dresses because the fans surely wanted to see some bare skin.

Later in the video the four guys grab a girl. Maybe Scott was swamped with his football player instincts , because he grabbed his chosen girl quite dashing and almost smashed his head into her stomach.

There are rumors that you can see a breast short-time in the scene where Joey lifts his chosen girl (like Janet Jackson).

The video was shot in autumn and it was quite cold. That's why the fans in the video are wearing worm winter clothes. But not our four heroes. Scantily dressed in some fur the make a killer show, without showing any sign of cold.

Later a special edition of the videos was released (on HoE III), with the use of before unshown footage. But apart from that the video doesn't have great differences to the old one.

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