Metal Warriors

Eric mit Bass und Gitarre
Eric with bass a. guitar

"Heavy metal or no metal at all whimps and posers leave the hall". This passage in the text indeed is one of the best known Manowar quotes and surely one of the best liked (at least from fans). Metal Warriors is a live version of the classic on video.It is noticeable that Ross and Scott here are replaced by Rhino respectively David Shankle, who both are a worthy substitute. Another aspect is that the video is most of the time in black-and-white. But this does not harm the atmosphere. It even looks more epic and harmonious.

There is not much story in it, but it is not really needed. On the whole it is about a live performance from Metal Warriors. This should give the people who are not able to see the Kings of Metal live,the opportunity to see how much power and energy lies within such a show.

The video starts with the roadies preparing the stage. A case-bearer here, some sound technicians there and finally everything is ready for the loudest band of the world. Now you follow on "Every one of us has heard the call" the camera in front of the hall, where already many Manowarriors have assembled. They vociferous pay their tribute to the non-attendant band. You also can see the merchandise stand where the salesman just hands over a Manowar shirt to its new happy owner that present it to the camera.

Rhino mit Sign
Rhino with Sign of the Hammer

Back in the hall the lights are turned on and reveal a crazy crowd. Eric cheers the audience up and bangs his head too to this masterpiece. Now you can also see Rhino and Dave. The first one beats the shit out of his drums and Dave plays the guitar like a world champion. Like Ross in the previous videos you can watch every move of his fingers. Even if he has not the animal aura of Ross, he still shows a clean performance.

By the passage "There is metal in the air tonight" the music stops and the next passage with "Can YOU hear it call" is addressed direct to the audience by Eric with the accentuation of "you". He even points towards the crowd, so that everyone knows who is meant. The audience answers this with deafening cheers. By "If you ain't got the balls to take it" Eric grabs his own balls and starts a triple "Whimps and Posers! LEAVE THE HALL!" with the crowd.

David Shankle
David Shankle

After a long drawn-out "Heavy Metal!" scream by Eric the music keeps on playing with full power and now you see a performance that is worth seen. Joey,David and Eric bang synchronous to the music. Every now and then the camera shows the excited crowd and Joey starts a little dance with his bass guitar. What follows now is the pure Joey.

You see how he lifts one gorgeous girl after another,shreds string for string and drinks the beer like no one else can it. Then Joey and David hit their instruments in the tact and in the background you see Rhino who hails the crowd with the Sign of the Hammer. Now the camera pans over the audience to a Manowar banner and Eric finally ends the video with presenting proudly bass and guitar of his colleagues to the crowd (each in one hand).

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