Return Of The Warlord

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The video to Return Of The Warlord starts like you know it from some Manowar songs: with the loud engine noise of a harley. Joey just starts his horse of steel. Mr. Demaio, the "Warlord", is driving on a highway whereby however the complete scene has a strange play of colours. Blue, orange and violet tones rule the scene. Maybe somebody may think that this is stylish but in my opinion the whole thing looks more than an acid trip and occurs with similar colours in Fear and Loathing for example. Maybe a matter of taste.

The camera pans to the "Wheels of Fire" or to Joeys boots very often, what fits very well in the general view. Then you see some engineers working on the bikes. Later the money is paid on the seat of the bike. Maybe the payment for the work. We will probably never know. The next fade shows Eric on stage who cheers up the audience.

Now the four Kings Of Metal drive together on the highway, side by side. Oncoming traffic fortunately does not occur. Now and then Eric is overwhelmed by his ambition and he overtakes sovereign his colleagues. Joey points in the camera confident of victory. This shall not be the last time. People could almost think that Joey has a problem with the camera man and wants to show him that he is the next on his list.

Joey with Bier

You see again how a crazy crowd enjoys the gig. At "I got my wheels, I got my friends" Eric shows with a wave of the hand who is meant. Meanwhile it is nightfall and the band drives with their bikes through the city. Suddenly they come to a police road block. The four guys stop and a short discussion starts, but Eric seems rather bored.The Kings leave outstanding and drive on.

On the next scene you see four well-stocked beauties that seems to have a breakdown. The four saviours certainly stop, but because they are no mechanics the just grab one for each and drove on. When they arrive in the premise they play a party billiards. The four ladies show their gratitude for their retrieval very open-hearted. When the band drives on, Joey again points proudly in the camera.

On the next scene we find ourselves in front of the hall of the concert and a faithful fan presents his tattoo with the "Triumph of Steel" logo to the camera. The four guys drive past the crowd, who euphoric hails them. Now the band drives onto stage with their bikes and after Eric greeted the fans with the sign the show can be started. Right after that follows a solo by Karl Logan. At the passage "We're here tonight to kick some goddamn ass" the guys show their fists.

Now the band hurtle through the landscape and Joey again points in the camera, this time even with both hands at the same time. Back on stage you see Karl drinking champagne or wine, and he is dashed from all sides, what makes him smile. Now the alcohol flows in showers. After Joey has given the fans the essential things "Beer drinking like Joey" follows. The band drives on and Joey points a last time in the camera. He even shows a fist what ends the video. The camera man is missing since then.

Worth knowing


The shoot of the video was great fun for the band. Heavy Metal, harleys, babes and alcohol. That's all a metalhead needs to be happy. The video was shot in summer. For scenes on the streets these were preventive closed. The gig in the video was in Massolin, Ohio in a club called "The Machine". Joey mentioned on Hell on Earth III that this must be the best week in Karls live. We well never know what he exactly means with that, but it is fact that this gig was Karls first live concert with the band and maybe he was inducted by the guys into the life of a King Of Metal. According to Joey the gorgeous beauties with the breakdown were hand-picked fans that were on the gig. It's up to you, if you believe this or not.

Furthermore the incident with the police shall have really happened. The band had made arrangements with the fire-brigade but not with the police. So they were stopped and a long discussion followed if they had a shooting license and so on. Eric obviously was bored from this and the camera team decided to let the camera work. The fans in front of the "Machine" actually were not very happy about the problems with the cops. The band did not really cared, because if they should go to jail, this would even be better for the video, but it did not go that far.

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