Secrets Of Steel

Orson Welles
Band with Orson Welles

The video starts with a snippet from "Warriors Prayer" where the four kings are introduced. This is accentuated visual with the riding Joey of the "Gloves Of Metal" video. Now the Manowar logo fades in and the following text heralds, that this short movie shall show the ascent of the band to the throne of metal with the use of never seen footage and the revelation of Manowars "Secrets Of Steel".

Now you see a topographic map in the background and in the middle part you see some scenes from some tours. Because this is what is shown now. Every member (back then Eric, Joey, David Shankle, Rhino) tell the audience how important touring is for them, because so they keep in contact with the fans. Joey compares the shows with pure life, while it is compareable to death after the show, because they are so exhausted. The musical background is provided with Blood Of The Kings.

Then you see some spanish Manowar fans presenting their home-made swords to the band. In the next scene you see a picture of Richard Wagner and that is what it's all about now. The narrator tells that Manowar tries to visit the Wagner museum every time they come to Germany. Joey now ponders why Wagner is the "Father Of Heavy Metal" and why his music is so great.

Joey DeMaio
Joey DeMaio

Now you hear how Manowar made their studio out of a burnt-down department store, which was baptized as an tribut to Wagner "Haus Wahnfried". Now the guys speak about the energy and power that is needed for the recording process in the studio. And it doesn't matter if you have to repeat a word hundred times or if you have to repeat a certain guitar riff thousand times. The only thing that is important is the perfect final result. Now you see how the band plays "Spirit Horse Of Cheroke" in the studio.

The next scene shows Joey as meastro in front of the Canolder Mens Chor, that was especially booked for the recording of "Crown and The Ring". Now you can learn something about Joey and the ladies. You see a lot of bare skin and Joey tells open-hearted, that sex with women is a big part in his life. The whole is escorted with "Pleasure Slave".

David Shankle
David Shankle

The four guys now speak about music that is for them and for the fans more than just tones. That it can even be compared with a religion. At the start of their career they had to steal food, because they invested their money for their music. They starved for metal, for music. Now you see how Scott Columbus presents Rhino as his substitute. And you can now watch Rhino burning his old drumkit as a ritual. Now you hear something about the collaboration with Orson Welles at "Dark Avenger" and "Defender".

Joey now compares the equipment of the band with weapons for a battle, that according to this have to be the best in order to win the fight. Now you see the man, that is responsible for it: John "Dawk" Stillwell. They guys now say, that they would not exist without the fans and they talk about the rite of taking a fan on stage when they play "The Gods Made Heavy Metal" in order to play with them. Eric also says that it is not important if the fan plays good or bad. He IS a fan and therefore a part of the band. Now you hear more about the fans. You see letters signed with blood and many fans with Manowar tattoos.

Now you see some scenes of the performance that you already might know from the "Metal Warrios" video. Then the final credits starts which are accompanied by "Crown and the Ring". The credits ends with a tribute to "all believers of true heavy metal, the greatest heavy metal fans in the world" and the words "Fuck The World! Hail and Kill!".

Additional to the video there are also new recorded silver editions of Hail to England and Into Glory Ride in the box.

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