Warriors Of The World

Story line

Faceless Warrior

Warriors Of The World... This probably started a new period in my life that presumably will never ends. People are Manowarriors from conviction. Sure there are some things that are not so good, but when you listen to the master pieces of the band you can not leave it.

The video starts splitted in two parts. In the left area you see Scott Columbus playing with the foot drum, while in the right area the drum sticks goes up and down. Looks pretty cool. Every now and then you see Joey or Karl, playing their instruments and Eric beating his hand to the rhythm while he is performing the song. You often can see a close up view of bass and guitar where you can even see the strings swinging. This certainly adds atmosphere to the video. Now you can see Erics legs in the left part of the video. The scene changes for the first time from the ruling black-and-white to normal colouring. Because now some little fire effects lighten the scene and this would not look good enough in black-and-white.

Now you see Eric marching towards the camera. There is only a few light, so that you can only perceive the contours, and no features or other details. That's why Eric looks similar to the "Faceless Warrior". I really like this look. At the text passage "All are gathered here" Eric makes his typical gesticulation as if he wants to point on an army that is standing in front of him. Every now and then spray sparks and even some chains that are hanging from the ceiling are burning.

Joey DeMaio

At "stand and fight together beneath the metal sky" Eric shows a winning pose with widespread arms towards the sky. In the next scene we see the band in a stone quarry. The four guys are standing on stone pedestals (respectively sitting). At "I said we would return, and here we are again" Eric points backwards (towards Scott). As the song continues and Erics sings the words "They shall confess before they die", Scott suddenly stands up and throws his sticks into the air in order to play the drums barefisted, as he did it in the video of Blow Your Speakers before.

Now you can see Joey and Karl standing on a kind of elevation and while they are performing they are surrounded by black clouds. At "like thunder from the sky" Eric raises his fist towards the sky, whereon behind Joey and Karl a lightning hits the ground. Before Erics Solo (if you want to call it like that) the whole band starts to kneel, and Eric stands up in a snowy forest shortly afterwards. While he is singing he often is covered by black clouds.

Now we are again in the stone quarry. Meanwhile it is night and the scene is lighted with enormous fireplaces. The guys show a killer performance while the video is near the end. You see again every band member with his instrument (at least if he has one). The ground round them is burning in the form of their individual sign. Eric has a triangle, Karl i standing in a rectangle, Scotts drumkit is covered from two burning lines and Joey is standing in a big circle. Now the Manowar writing fades into the screen and this ends the video.

Worth knowing

Neil Johnson directed the video. He said in an interview that the ingridients for a Manowar video are fire, explosions and steel. This may not fit to the previous vidoes but Neil has done a good job here. This video was very important for the band because this is a song about the fans and for the fans.

Eric Adams

Neil had the idea to have chains hanging from the ceiling but it was Joey who made the suggestion that it would look cool if the chains were on fire. Neil and the rest of the team surely were enthusiastic about this idea, but they were also aware the risks. Fire in closed rooms can cause unintended accidents. Somebody could catch fire or even the whole building can be burnt down. The band made some jokes that the burning liquid first should be tested on Dawks balls. Joey also added with a little sarcasm that he would feel much better if Dawk would not stand there with a water bottle but with a fire drencher. Otherwise it would be like an ant pissing into the fire.

The stone quarry was placed in New York. It was freezing cold on that day. Originally it was planned that the band should perform in leather wests but the cold did not allow this. According to a comment by Karl it was "colder than a corpses pussy". But the team was lucky that it did not rain. As a contrast to the cold it short was so hot from the fire places, that Scotts drums started to melt and first had to get moved. For the whole shot they used 50 gallons gasoline. At the last shot Scott nearly was burnt, because during his scene a gust of wind blewed the fire towards him. But fortunately nobody was harmed so that we now can enjoy this beautiful video.

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